Did you know that last year more people were killed through taking selfies than as a result of shark attacks? I’ve written a poem about  it, largely because of an experience I had today…

But that’s getting ahead of myself. As predicted, it has been an intensely busy week. On Tuesday I was in Bristol in the morning for an Artlift meeting, with all the lovely Artlift artists. I don’t like Bristol, though, for quite illogical personal reasons, and I was glad to get away and drive to Cirencester, for the first meeting of the move-on group for ex-participants of my writing group there. This will only ever be a small group, but I think they are going to have a whale of a time. When I got back, I did some prep for the Poetry on Loan meeting and the Ledbury Poetry Festival meeting, and handled my snail mail. In the evening I saw Eye in the sky – highly recommended! Alan Rickman was excellent, of course, and the whole film had me gripped.

On Wednesday I caught up with all the emails! It took me most of the day. In between, I wrote up the TADS minutes and the PoL training course and did the prep for my new term at Cirencester, starting tomorrow. We had three Ledbury Poetry Festival meetings, one after the other; lots of minutes. Lots of hours, actually.

I had my last session with my Hereford group on Thursday morning. They really have been exceptional to work with, and I’m sorry that this course is over. I did the writeup, and loads of Artlift stuff including notes of the meeting on Tuesday, and mowed the grass. Each year it gets less and less what you would call a lawn, so I don’t call it that. More Poetry on Loan stuff – invoices and our new recommended book list – and I started the report about the Hereford clinic.

I went back to school on Friday – all day at Pershore High School, getting kids to write poems about the lives of women in World War 1. They were terrific to work with, and the staff seemed very pleased with the results. I finished the Hereford report and did my weekly accounts, caught up with the emails, and went to stay at The Bloke’s house…

…because on Saturday we were leaving very early, to go on a little adventure – we went to the Isle of Wight. The purpose of the trip was to scatter his mum’s ashes in the garden of remembrance where other members of her family ended up, but this wasn’t really a sad occasion. The place was lovely, full of odd little tributes and mementoes scattered among bluebell woods and in and by the sides of a stream, and we had a little ceremony. The weather stayed good and the birds were singing. We had a few other things to do, and then it was back on the ferry (and I wasn’t quite sick! Yes, I do actually get seasick on the Isle of Wight ferry) and a drive home through the New Forest. We saw ponies and donkeys and some little ducklings, and it was all round a lovely day.

Just as well, really. On Sunday I wrote all three lots of Ledbury minutes, and caught up with all the emails, and did some Artlift stuff. And I’ll draw a curtain over the next 24 hours, which involved preparations for what is called euphemistically a top and tail – probably the most intimate selfie you can get. That was today. It all went well, and now it’s over, thank goodness, and I can get on with work without having to leave the room every 10 minutes. I’ve done quite a lot do far, because this week is another busy one…

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