So much stuff

There is so much stuff to do when you’re arranging a funeral, and of course normal life has to go on at the same time. I finally caught up with all the emails by Saturday morning, which was a relief.

I couldn’t get an appointment with the registrar in Cheltenham until Friday morning – the last day possible, officially, for recording my mother’s death; and now I have to wait while they send the details to Hull, where she died, and Hull sends the certificates back to me. In this day and age, there must be a better way, surely? I’ve finally got the date booked for the funeral, after much toing and froing, and waiting for the minister to reply to phone messages, which apparently he doesn’t do at all. And there’s a whole list of questions to answer from the funeral director, to most of which I want to reply I don’t know. But I have to make the decisions.

I’ve sorted out the power payments at my mum’s house; we have to keep them going after her bank account is frozen – and all credit to Eon, who were friendly and very helpful, and what’s more, really sensible.

Meanwhile, I’ve run workshops with my little Monday group at the Roses (who were lovely), and my group in Cirencester (low numbers, but excellent), and the very experienced Coach House writers, who said I had stretched and inspired them. Phew.

I’ve finished writing a song for the Croome project, and mowed the lawns, and seen Bastille Day, which was no more than average.

I’ve been to the dentist, to find that I have to have some quite serious work done, and I’ve been swimming twice. This is really helpful; I feel so much better after a swim, however stressed I am. I had a session at the hospital, which went ok, I think. I’ve handled all my snail mail, and done a tiny bit of gardening (the weather has been just too nice to stay indoors all the time), and tidied my house a bit, and done some Artlift stuff and some Poetry on Loan stuff, and had a session with my young writers in Pershore, who were as exuberant as ever. And I went shopping.

There’s loads more, but it’s all just stuff, really; and this week there’s even more stuff to do, and all I can see is stuff stretching out to the horizon.

But – it will pass, I know; this is just a temporary dip in my mood, and it will all get sorted eventually.


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