Isn’t it wonderful? When the sun shines and it’s warm I find new stores of energy and enthusiasm. I do sometimes think that I’m just a cold-blooded reptile-type creature, and need the sun to do anything.

I have done a lot this week, though. I’ve spent a lot of time sorting out my mother’s finances, so that we can start the probate stuff; that has taken ages. And I’ve notified everyone I can, without access to my mother’s files, which my brother has. That has taken even longer, with hours waiting on the phone for people to answer. I’ve practised the eulogy a lot, too.

I had a good session at the hospital on Tuesday; one of the few times when I’ve met someone who was feeling really bad about things, but even so she was still concerned about the feelings of those around her. And perhaps I helped, a tiny bit. In the afternoon I had a great session with my Cirencester group, who go from strength to strength.

I’ve done quite a lot of Artlift work, and have now almost finished something that’s been hanging over me for a long time; I should get it all complete today, if I can bear to stay indoors. On Wednesday evening I went to see Money monster, which was good but not special.

And I’ve had two meetings where I’ve been kept waiting. For the first one, I waited for 20 minutes while the person I was meeting finished a phone call; for the other it was 50 minutes, with no reason at all, really. Is this acceptable now? Personally, I think it’s really bad manners. I’m never in a position where I can sit around and do nothing for any length of time, and at the moment each minute lost is important.

On Thursday I bought all the drinks etc. needed for the funeral gathering, and made some phone calls about my new car, and wrote up the hospital stuff, and did some invoicing and Poetry on Loan work. And I had a Pilates session and a swim. I felt really tense before these, but much more relaxed afterwards; just what I needed. And I caught up with all the emails.

Friday was non-stop. Lots of Artlift work; filing everything to do with my mum; more finance work; grass-cutting; prep for this week; and ironing. I even wrote a poem for submission to an anthology – I need to get that typed up and sent.

On Saturday I made new lists; the proliferation of lists of jobs was getting out of control. I had a long call from The Daughter and did some more ArtLift work, and ran my last session for this academic year with my young people’s group in Pershore. They were amazing – a really good way to finish. One of them who had said she didn’t want to come back next year changed her mind after writing probably her best poem ever – success!

And in the evening I just slept – very boring for The Bloke who had been round to my house in the morning, without me even noticing, and taken the last bits of wood from my old shed to the tip. Bless!

On Sunday I needed to be outside, so we went to the arboretum and strolled through trees – very relaxing. In the evening I did some sewing, and found a very special birthday present for The Son.

And now I have to get on with stuff, and – at least for a while – ignore the beautiful sunshine. If I get enough done, I might do some gardening later, though, and then I can be out in the sunshine, where I belong.

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