Now I need a rest

I’ve been on holiday! That’s why the blog is late this week. It wasn’t what you would call a restful holiday, though…

But I must give credit to my dentist. At the funeral gathering, I noticed that one of my teeth was cracked. I phoned my dentist at 11 am on Monday, thinking that there was no chance he would see me – but by 3:45 it had all been repaired, with a  big filling. I really didn’t want to go away knowing that my tooth might break in half at any minute, but he saved the day. I did lots of Artlift stuff and some packing.

On Tuesday I put together all the Artlift stuff to go to the university, where they do our number-crunching, and went to the last Artlift session this term at Cheltenham – again, some stunning work and lovely people. It was my own Artlift group in the afternoon; not many, but a good session.

In the evening I caught up with all the emails, and sorted out some more financial info for my mother’s estate, and finished packing.

On Wednesday The Bloke and I set off for Fuerteventura. We’ve been to various Greek islands for the last few years, but I wanted to try surfing, and Fuerteventura is ideal for this, so it was time for a change. In our week, we:

  • drove dune buggies (dusty, dangerous because of bad steering and brakes);
  • went to Lanzarote and down in a submarine (and amazingly I wasn’t sick, despite a rough crossing on the ferry);
  • had a surfing lesson (in which I very nearly stood up, but not quite – the waves became so strong that I couldn’t even get out far enough with my surfboard);
  • took a bus to a beautiful, quiet beach, with coves, soft sand, and crystal water, and swam and sunbathed;
  • went to a little island called Los Lobos for a snorkelling expedition (wonderful! Starfish and spider crabs; rainbow wrasse and blue-finned damsel fish; and finally a sea turtle);
  • walked across the white dunes (where there were dune bunnies playing – no, really – actual rabbits) and swam one last time in the Atlantic;
  • ate too much;
  • got sunburned;
  • caught colds.

And now we’re back, and there were 344 emails waiting, and a lawn with grass that’s knee-high, and unbelievable weeds. It’s a bit different from Fuerteventura, which mostly looks like a wind-blown demolition site. But really, I could do with a  rest.

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