Flat out

I’ve been working flat out this week, except when I was flat out and couldn’t. I did have a swim on Monday, which felt good, in between attending two final Artlift sessions, and I cleared some of the weeds from the patio – in fact, by the end of the week, I finished clearing the patio – very good for my soul! I wrote up the Ledbury Poetry Festival Board minutes, and did a lot of emailing (of course).

Tuesday morning was mostly prep and Poetry on Loan work, plus a long phone call with someone who is writing an article about one of the projects I’m working on. In the afternoon I had an excellent session at Cheltenham hospital, working with a really interesting chap. In the evening I went to see the new Independence Day, which was rather bad. Oh well; sequels are often problematic.

Wednesday started well, with lots of emails and the hospital writeup, but then I went to the dentist. I was there, flat out on the couch, for two hours; I felt quite wobbly by the end of it all. I washed my new car, and did loads of gardening, and then set off for a Writing West Midlands writers’ meeting in Birmingham. This was invigorating, as always – lots of good ideas – and on the way back I called in to see The Daughter.

I had to take my car back to the dealer on Thursday for some finishing touches to the paintwork, and they lent me a Prius for a few hours. I hated it. It gives you marks at the end of the trip for how well / economically / greenly you drove, and I’m so competitive that that’s all I would be thinking about if I had one.

And then I started to feel ill. I still did some prep for this week, and got up-to-date with the emails, but I spent quite a bit of time in bed. In between periods of feeling ill I did some Artlift work; but by the time I realised that I definitely wasn’t well, it was too late to get to the doctor’s to do anything about it.

Friday morning I felt better, and I did my weekly accounts and lots of Artlift stuff, and mowed the grass, but by the evening I felt dreadful – it was definitely cystitis. But I had antibiotics, kept for emergencies. This was an emergency, so I started taking them, and they seem to be doing the trick, but I was up half the night on Friday.

Saturday was a big day! An early meeting in Ledbury for event managers, followed by three events – a very good one with David Crystal; a surprisingly good one with Jesse Norman (an MP); a slightly less exciting one with the LPF competition winners. But then it was the event I was managing, the one I had been waiting for – The Book of Job – the Musical. This is a great show that I have seen several times, and I’d more or less laid my reputation on the line by telling everyone that it was terrific and that they should see it. It was terrific, and everyone said so. It was great to see my friends again, too. The illness held off, but I was tired by the time I got home.

On Sunday we went to Tewkesbury’s Medieval Fair, but not for very long because I wasn’t feeling good; a man in medieval costume offered me a restorative drink (ugg juice, he said) which at least tasted nice. And I typed up a long talk that I will be giving next week.

Another flat out week this week; with any luck I’ll be up and doing, though, rather than flattened by circumstances.

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