Sunshine and statistics

Hasn’t it been lovely? I become a new woman in this weather, full of energy. I just wish I could have spent more time outdoors. But on Monday, after picking the blackcurrants, I just caught up with the emails. There were almost as many emails as blackcurrants.

On Tuesday I did some Artlift stuff, and then went to Gloucester for a meeting about a short project I will be working on soon in association with the Roses Theatre in Tewkesbury. Should be good, I think. I did some gardening – well, weeding, really -and answered more emails, and went to see Absolutely Fabulous. It was fluff. That’s all.

Wednesday was a bit different. We’re nearing the end of my part of the Plumlines project, with Croome Park, and this was the first of two days mentoring a young poet who will be writing a series of poems that will go on the walls in the house at Croome. The good thing about this was that we were meeting in the house, which entails a 10-minute stroll through the lovely grounds, and back, so at least there was some time outdoors. When I got home I picked some more blackcurrants and did some more weeding, and had long phone calls, with The Brother about probate stuff, and with Jon Seagrave, about an interview we had on Friday. I made some more notes for the interview, and answered email, and did some more Artlift work.

On Thursday a man came to fix my gutters. He was very good! – and not too expensive. Now I would like a good heavy downpour so I can not see the water running down the walls from random places in the gutters. Actually, that’s not true – I’d like it to stay sunny for months. I did some more Artlift work; all this Artlift stuff is because some stats are needed for the CCG, our main funders, and they have to be done by the end of the month. I did a bit more prep for the interview, and then had a really good session at the hospital, with a man who is in an isolation room and was very pleased to have someone to talk to. He really liked his poem, too.

And then I had a problem with Outlook. No emails! I couldn’t help a sneaky feeling of pleasure, but of course I had to get it all working again, and that took a while.

My usual weekly accounts on Friday, and then off to Yate for the interview. It was quite enjoyable, and we came away thinking that if we didn’t get the work it wasn’t that we had done anything wrong in the interview, but just that they wanted a different type of artist… which proved to be the case; they phoned today to say that it was very, very close, but they are going with someone else – a visual artist. Never mind. It’s all experience.

I did some more ArtLift stuff, and mowed both lawns, and wrote up the hospital work, and (just for a change) dealt with emails.

On Saturday I finally caught up with the snail mail, with some very important things to do with my mother’s estate. In the afternoon I had to go and buy wrapping paper for The Daughter’s birthday presents, and on Sunday I went with her to the local church to hear her banns being read. Nobody objected; sigh of relief all round. I managed to control the anger I always feel in churches, and just enjoyed singing the hymns. In the afternoon The Bloke and I went to the steam rally in Much Marcle. This is always entertaining, although you have to avoid being cornered by too many enthusiasts.

I spent a lot of the evening working on the Artlift stats, and then just zonked out. Too much statistics this week, and not enough sunshine.


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