Seeing stars

Not stars in the sky, you understand…

I had a challenge on Monday. A poet booked for a gig for Poetry on Loan on Friday couldn’t make it, and I had to find an alternative – and the right alternative – in a hurry. And I did! I haven’t heard yet how the gig went, but I’m sure that the poet I found (Dave Reeves) will have gone down well.

And of course there were loads of emails, and stuff for Artlift – website updates, phone calls, statistics etc. But I also paid some Poetry on Loan invoices, and planted some plants, and had a long session at the dentist – all done for now. And the usual prep for the rest of the week.

On Tuesday I became a star! Well, not really. A while ago I wrote a crowd-sourced poem for the M5 Gloucester services (you should go – they’re the best motorway services anywhere!) and they wanted to film me reading it. The final film will have lots of different members of staff reading different bits, but there’ll be some bits of me, so it was easier for me to do the whole thing for them to use as they wish. The weather stayed good, so we did most of it outside. I did of course ask for fluffy white towels in the dressing room, and two bottles of expensive sparkling water…

I finished the Artlift stats – hooray! – and did some gardening and answered loads of emails, and typed up a little poem I wrote over the weekend. Perhaps I’m going to start writing poems again. I do hope so. Since my mum became ill last August it’s been a very fallow period for me; I just don’t seem to have had space in my mind, but perhaps it will all come back now.

In the evening we had a TADS meeting. We don’t really have stars, just some dedicated people.

Wednesday saw a visit from The Son, which was good fun, and a long phone call from The Daughter, and then I went to give blood. I was confidently expecting that they wouldn’t take any, because I was anaemic last time, but no – heaviest blood I’ve had for years, and I gave my 62nd donation. Afterwards I had to go into town to buy a new battery for my car key. I popped into the greengrocer’s, and felt weird – dizzy and faint. They let me sit on the counter and kindly gave me a glass of water, but then I felt I just had to close my eyes. I didn’t see stars; I just fainted, and awoke to find myself on the floor of the shop in the recovery position. I could hear the shop man on the phone, saying to the ambulance people that he thought I was in my mid-fifties. This made me feel much better very quickly, and I insisted on no ambulance. The faintness was just a result of giving blood, and not much sleep the night before; nothing serious at all. I came home and went to sleep, and felt fine.

So, in the evening, we went to see the latest Star Trek movie. Lots of stars in that; also lots of plot holes, but it was still good fun.

Wednesday was pretty much a lost day, over all. I made up for it on Thursday. I cancelled my planned swim and Pilates sessions, and got a lot done. It started with an excellent session at the hospital, with some inspiring people. On the way home I took some chocolates to the lovely people in the greengrocer’s (Woody’s – they deserve a name-check) who had been so kind to me the day before. I did loads of tidying and gardening, and made lots of Artlift phone calls and answered emails. I did the hospital writeup, and submitted poems for a forthcoming anthology, and finished the prep for the Poetry on Loan meeting on Friday, in Birmingham. It was, as usual, a good meeting. The library staff are doing a fantastic job!

I got up-to-date with all the emails when I got home, and wrote the minutes of the TADS meeting.

And on Saturday, I went with The Daughter for her final wedding dress fitting. She looks gorgeous in it; a fairy-tale princess; better than any of the so-called stars. And no, of course I’m not biased. Afterwards we bought a hat for me to wear at the wedding. I’m really, really not a hat person, but if it makes her happy…

Yesterday I bought some plants in the sale in a local garden centre; I’m determined to sort out my garden; at least a bit. And The Son was home again; he started to do some tidying. Anyone who helps me with any tidying is a star, as far as I’m concerned.

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