Looking good

I like my postman. He complimented me on the work I did on the front gate, and on Saturday made a special point of inspecting the newly-painted porch, and said how good it looked.

Just as well, because that’s what I’ve spent most of this week on – filling and scraping and painting. When you live in a black-and-white cottage, painting the outside is a big and never-ending job, and I’ve had to take advantage of the good weather – no gym sessions this week. I’ve had plenty of exercise anyway, bending and stretching to reach the difficult bits.

The task included the slightly strange job of gathering about 30 snails living on a plant near the porch, and taking them down to the end of the garden. They’ll be back, I know – snails are homing – but it will take them quite a while to get here again.

Apart from that, I have done some other things. I visited the Artlift project for men suffering with chronic pain, and although I am not a man, they kindly allowed me to talk to them for a little while about how they can take the project on further by themselves. I did a lot of Artlift work – emails and phone calls, mostly – and went to a TADS meeting and wrote up the minutes.

I saw Suicide Squad on Wednesday; it was rubbish. As one critic more or less said, it completely lost the plot, if there ever was one.

I did quite a bit of practice for a talk I gave on Thursday for the Hereford Cancer Support Group. They were a small but lovely audience, who listened intently and asked lots of good questions. Afterwards, I met the lovely Anne-Marie Dossett for a catch up about Poetry on Loan stuff.

On Friday I had a good session at the hospital, and did my tax return. And again I must praise Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs; every year the tax return process is a little bit simpler than the year before. I also finished work on the porch, with a coat of stain for the front door, and wrote a poem. Good day all round!

By Saturday I was up-to-date with all my emails and the mail. In the afternoon I went with The Bloke to a robot exhibition in Gloucester museum, which was, frankly, dull, and on Sunday we visited the Tewkesbury vintage car show, which was surprisingly good fun. In the evening I did some more work on the poems for Croome.

I get so much done when there’s not too much real work to do! Just two more weeks like this, and then it all starts up again. I’ve got to try to get as much of the house and garden looking good before then. At least my postman will notice, even if nobody else does.

1 thought on “Looking good

  1. Hi Brenda, as always it was interesting to read your blog and catch up on your life, how you fit everything in never ceases to amaze! ( gratuitous exclamation point). I have to say, though, that I thoroughly enjoyed Suicide Squad and it surprises me that you expected a plot 😄

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