Why does it have to rain on me?

Of course, the most important thing this week has been The Daughter’s wedding, which I’ll come to. It rained; not too heavily, and we got all the photos done outside, but she was upset, at least to start with; she had hoped so much for good weather. As we were having the champagne reception, a sudden shower sent everyone inside, and the guitarist / singer immediately started playing Why does it have to rain on me?; quick thinking.

But anyway. I did a lot of ArtLift work last week, collating stats for a specific project, but I haven’t finished processing them yet. I painted a window frame – my last bit of outdoor decorating this year, I suppose. I mowed both lawns, and cleared some weeds from my second patio, and bought a garden storage box which was supposed to be easy to put together. Hah! The Bloke did it in 5 minutes, after I had struggled for ages. I picked and froze lots of pears, but still about 90% of the pears remain to be dealt with.

I sent off the stuff I’ve sold on eBay; there’s another batch to do today, and about twice as much again to go up for sale.

I’ve answered loads of emails, of course, and started writing a poem a day for September; I’m still keeping up so far. I did my end-of-month accounting, and had a session at the hospital. No time for the gym this week, unfortunately. And I went to see War dogs, which was ok; cleverly done.

On Thursday a big box of macaroons arrived, lots of little boxes with names on. I had to check that everyone coming to the wedding had a box with his / her name on – one of the few jobs that The Daughter has allowed me to help with. I did some prep for next week, and from then on it was full-on wedding stuff. On Friday I took the macaroons to the reception hotel, and had a pedicure while I was there. I managed to proofread the Poetry on Loan recommended book list leaflet – all ready for the printers now – and finish off the minutes of our last meeting. And I practised doing my make-up. I never wear make-up, so this is a bit of a new experience for me.

In the evening we had the wedding rehearsal, and The Son stayed on for a while, which was nice; and I did a bit of pre-selection of the Poetry on Loan competition entries.

On Saturday I had my hair done (me! having my hair done!) and got dressed in my posh frock, and went to the church, which is only two minutes’ walk away. With my umbrella. And everyone was there, and it was a lovely atmosphere, and The Daughter arrived looking absolutely stunning. The service was all we could have hoped for, and the reception venue was perfect; the food was terrific, and both my stepson and The Son gave excellent speeches, and two of The Daughter’s lovely bridesmaids got me up and dancing until late. And by the end of the evening, The Daughter had realised that actually, a bit of rain doesn’t really matter at all. It was a wonderful occasion all round.

The Bloke and I stayed on in the morning to help clear up, and now I have a house full of flowers. And it’s all over, and I feel as if it’s raining.



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