Writing again

Hooray! After nearly a year of writing hardly anything, it’s come back. I’m part of an online group writing a poem a day for September, and so far I’ve written a little poem every day, and I’m actually quite pleased with one or two of them. And I’m gradually coming out of the dark mood I was in.

Monday was a day of emails, and an Artlift meeting, and receiving an estimate for the repairs to my house. I can grit my teeth and cope with this, but I have to get it all through the local conservation officer, and that’s going to be a pain. And a waste of everyone’s time. It’s a very silly process.

Anyway, on Tuesday things became a little better. I had a good session in the hospital in the morning, and the first session with my new Cirencester group in the afternoon. This went really well, and cheered me up a lot. I did some invoicing, too, and more emails; went to a TADS meeting, and cooked some pears. I’ve picked and cooked a lot of pears this week; it’s the best way to freeze them. I certainly can’t eat them all (it’s been a bumper year for pears on my tree), and it’s even hard to give them away because they look a bit scabby, but once peeled, they’re delicious.

I packed up and sent some of the stuff I’ve sold on eBay. That’s gone well, too; I’ve sold about three-quarters of the things I put up. I’ve got loads more to put on sale, too, which I’ll try to do this evening.

On Wednesday I started clearing an area behind my garage, which had become a resting place for plant pots and bags of sand; most of it went in my new garden storage box, and it looks a lot neater. It was frustrating, though, because I didn’t quite finish it, and it’s still sitting there, nearly done. For me, as one of the world’s greatest completer / finishers, this is a real problem. In the afternoon I went to a networking meeting, which I thought would be deadly dull; in fact it was useful and quite interesting. I did lots of Artlift work, and in the evening went to see Sausage party, largely because there was nothing much on, and this film had good reviews. I don’t know why it had good reviews.

Thursday was full-on! In the morning I was in Birmingham, helping to choose the shortlists for the next Birmingham Poet Laureate and Young Poet Laureate. I went from there to Ledbury, for two meetings, one after the other; had a Pilates session,  and spent the evening on emails. Sigh.

It was the usual weekly accounts on Friday, followed by emails (caught up! hooray!), and some practice for the evening – I was performing some poems as part of an Artlift fundraising event. This was in an amazing house, and the whole idea was that rich people would come along and give money to Artlift. It went ok, although not as many people turned up as we had hoped.

Saturday was a day off! The Bloke and I went to Wookey Hole. I have always been scared of caves, although I go in them occasionally just to prove that I’m not going to be defeated by my fears. I wasn’t scared at all this time. Perhaps I have now overcome my fear of caves, as well as my fear of hairdressers..

Having a day off on Saturday meant that I had to do some work on Sunday, though – planning for my young writers group, catching up with Artlift work, prep for a talk I’m giving on Tuesday, writing the minutes of the TADS meeting.

There’s a lot to do this week, but at least it’s not raining, so I should be able to finish the bit behind the garage. And I’m writing again. At last.

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