Out and about

It’s been an unusual week. Once Jackie had left, things were fairly normal – I went to see Deepwater Horizon, which was mostly explosions, and on Wednesday caught up with most (but not all of the emails). I didn’t finish them because I had three Ledbury Poetry Festival meetings, one after the other, and they took up most of the day.

On Thursday I did some Artlift stuff and had a session at the hospital, writing a poem about pigeon fancying. I meet all sorts of people at the hospital, and they don’t all want me to write about illness and treatments; I learned a lot about pigeon racing, and the man was very pleased with the poem, so that was ok. I had a bit of a stiff neck, and I thought that Pilates would help loosen it. Wrong; it was much, much worse after the session, and it’s still difficult for me to turn my head. It will wear off, I know. In the evening I did the writeup for the hospital and caught up with all the emails.

Friday was one of the very rare days when I did everything on my list of jobs – weekly finances, lots of prep for forthcoming workshops and meetings, payment of Poetry on Loan invoices, minutes of one of the Poetry festival meetings, a lot of Artlift stuff. Even the ironing.

And on Saturday – well, it started off with a terrific sessions with the young writers in Pershore. They were ace! Still very noisy, but they did some really good writing. I drove from there to Ludlow, where Brian Patten was doing a gig for Poetry on Loan. It went really well, and afterwards I drove him to Worcester for another gig. It was a lovely journey, with scenic views over valleys where trees were doing their autumn thing, and we spent most of the journey on poetry gossip. Brian was one of the first poets whose work I really enjoyed, when I was a teenager, so it was a real pleasure to meet him.

I delivered Brian to his hotel, and while I was waiting for him, wrote the first draft of a big performance poem – I’d had the idea for it in the young writers’ session. It will need a lot of work, but I think it will be fun when it’s finished. Brian’s reading in Worcester was lovely, and I took him back to his hotel.

Next day The Bloke and I went to see The Daughter’s new house. It’s lovely; I am consumed with kitchen envy. The Bloke installed a light fitting for them (he is so useful!), and in the evening I fell asleep.

This week isn’t too busy, but after that it’s full on until the end of the month – out and about all over the place – so I can’t stay here idly writing. Must get on…


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