Ready to rock

This coming week will be incredibly busy, so a lot of last week was spent in preparation.

Monday meant end-of-month accounting, of course, and a panicky request for statistics for Artlift, from the director. It would be really useful to know in advance when stats are likely to be required; I am reminded of a notice that used to sit on the Sales Director’s desk, at a company I worked for, that said Of course I want it today. If I wanted it tomorrow, I’d order it tomorrow. I got them sorted out, anyway, although it did disrupt my plans for what I actually wanted to do. Never mind.

I also attended the final Artlift session at one of our Cheltenham residencies (fantastic artwork!), prepared for a Poetry on Loan meeting, and caught up with the emails. Oh, and I wrote a poem.

On Tuesday I caught up with the Artlift emails, and had a really good session at the hospital. I did some prep for a taster session I’m running today, and recorded all the info from the Artlift group, and went to see Doctor Strange. It was ok, I suppose.

Lots of emails on Wednesday, chasing up Poetry on Loan stuff, and big updates of both the PoL and Artlift websites. I handled my snail mail, and did a lot more Artlift stuff, and did more prep for this week, and went up a ladder to fill a big crack in the wall.

Another final Artlift session on Thursday (and this time I actually painted a picture myself; badly), and a visit from The Brother and his wife in their new motor home, which they couldn’t get into my drive. And I went to the gym. I had decided I needed something a bit more energetic than Pilates, so I had a half-hour abs blast session immediately before the Pilates session. It was hard work but ok – but I’ve lost weight since I started going to the gym and my leggings are a bit big now; they kept falling down. Not a good look, tugging at your leggings while swinging weights around. I handled loads of emails when I got back; at least that didn’t require too much physical effort.

On Friday, after a long call from The Son, I went off to the PoL meeting in Birmingham. About halfway there I realised that I hadn’t brought the folder with all my notes in. It was too late to turn back, so I had to run the meeting from memory. Surprisingly, it was ok! And these meetings are always uplifting anyway. On the way back I called in at The Daughter’s new house. I am trying very hard not to covet her kitchen.

I did some more Artlift stuff and worked on my new big poem. I’m still not sure about it, but I plan to give it its first public outing this week.

More prep on Saturday morning, and over the weekend I’ve finished the final accounting for my mother’s estate, and gone through the applications for the new Artlift director, and practised for a big talk I have to do tonight, and written another poem.

So now I should feel ready to rock with all I have to do this week. I’ll be ok as long as I don’t forget something crucial… and as long as the people of the USA see sense.


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