Busy, busy, busy

My diary is a cliff edge. November is packed full of things I have to do, but in December there’s hardly anything – which is just as well, because I have some big pieces of work to do at home. This week has been really busy.

On Monday I did loads of prep, and dealt with the emails up to Sunday. In the evening I went to a poetry evening in Bromsgrove – the launch of a book of poems based in 1919 (called, ahem, 1919); together with some other poetic items. It was good – the poems in the book are quite moving.

On Tuesday morning I retraced my steps, almost, to work with the Coachhouse Writers in Stourbridge. They are a lovely group, and I have to say that it’s hard to imagine a more enjoyable workshop than this one was; all credit to them! In the afternoon I had a meeting in Gloucester – the wrap up of a project I have managed for Artlift. Everyone is very pleased with the way it went, so that was good, too. In the evening I went to see Arrival, which was ok, but a bit drawn out at the beginning and rushed at the end. And unconvincing.

I changed my new big poem on Wednesday, and had a good session at the hospital – not many more to do this year, now. I did some Artlift work and got up to Tuesday’s emails – still a day behind. On Thursday I wrote a little poem (hooray!), and wrote up the hospital stuff, and went to the final Artlift session in Tewkesbury. The participants there were so pleased with the whole thing – it was a delight. I finished pruning the butterfly plant, an annual ritual that seems to take longer and longer. It’s a big old butterfly plant. After quite a bit of Poetry on Loan stuff, I went to the gym (ouch) and then to a TADS meeting. Our latest production was reviewed by an independent assessor; some of the people at the meeting didn’t seem to realise that the whole point of such an assessment is to point out the things we can learn from, rather than to provide a shower of congratulations. I haven’t done the minutes yet.

Friday was accounts, Artlift stuff, Poetry on Loan stuff and prep – and I finally caught up with all the emails! I had a session with my young writers on Saturday and I wanted to take some woodlice in (there was a good  reason for this!). I prepared a nice little house for the woodlice, and then went hunting. My house and garden are usually swarming with woodlice, but I couldn’t find a single one – I don’t know, perhaps they hibernate. The session went well, anyway, with pictures of woodlice as a substitute.

And straight from the young writers I went to the launch of the Plumlines exhibition at Croome – at last, the end of a project I’ve been working on for months. The arty installation looked lovely; the Oriel Singers gave an excellent rendition of the song for which I had written the words, and lots of my words are up all over the walls of a room in Croome; very gratifying.

I needed a bit of a lazy Sunday and had one, with just a bit of work to prepare for today…

…which was spent interviewing prospective candidates for the executive director’s job at Artlift. The results of this are not public yet, so I can’t say anything, but I think I made at least a small contribution to the proceedings, so that was ok.

And now, of course, there is a mound of emails, and write-ups, and more prep… roll on the end of November!

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