Gritted teeth

This month has been so busy, but I’ve just had to grit my teeth and get on with it.

After the interviews last Monday (more gritted teeth – one of the candidates emailed at 9:15 to say she wasn’t coming; no reason, no apology), I did the writeups for the session with my young writers, wrote the minutes of the TADS meeting, and handled the next splurge of the perennial torrent of emails.

More emails on Tuesday, loads of them, and prep for other activities. Then a serious bit of work checking up on the Poetry on Loan finances – we are getting near the end of our funding period and the remaining money has to be allocated carefully. In the evening I drove to Rugby to see the lovely Ben Norris, in a performance of his show funded by Poetry on Loan. It should have taken me an hour and 20 minutes, but it took two hours and twenty minutes, so I missed the beginning – but it was very good, and well worth seeing.

Lots of Artlift work on Wednesday. I’ll be glad when I leave the Artlift work next April; I wish I could stop now, really, because it’s taking up so much time. I spent nearly all day on Artlift, apart from a detour on the way home from Nailsworth for a tiny bit of Christmas shopping. In the evening I saw Fantastic beasts, which was better than I expected (largely because of the main Muggle character), although Eddie Redmayne’s performance was a bit too mannered for my liking.

Thursday was prep for some sessions in schools on Friday, more Artlift work, more emails, and then a session in the hospital. This was wonderful, and ungritted my teeth for a couple of hours. I spent all evening doing Artlift work.

My two sessions in schools on Friday went ok, although they really had me gritting my teeth again. My brief was to get them to start lots of things, with a view to finishing them later. As the world’s greatest completer / finisher, this was a trial for me, but I did it. I was asked to challenge the kids, too, and they all produced something worth working on and, I hope, finishing. The evening was spent on accounting and writeups, and yes, more emails.

On Saturday I went to Dudley to be a member of a panel at a writers’ morning. This was good; it was fun meeting the other writers on the panel, and there were some interesting questions. The rest of the weekend was quite quiet, with just some mindless typing to do. I did actually manage to decide on my new carpets, though, and arranged for someone to come and measure up for a quote, but of course they can’t be fitted before Christmas, which is a shame.

And now I’m way behind with emails, and I’m out this morning and this afternoon. I’ll just have to grit my teeth again this evening and plough through them. Grrr.


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