They think it’s all over…

It is nearly over, isn’t it? A year of weird political happenings, and lots of people dying, including my mum.

But still, it’s been Christmas, and most of my week has been taken up with that. I’ve put lights up, delivered cards, got rooms ready, iced cakes, wrapped presents; made sausage rolls, mince pies and cheese straws (which are especially highly valued in our house); I’ve tidied and cleaned and cooked; I’ve had a really lovely Christmas day with The Son, The Daughter and the Son-in-Law – everything went well, and we all had fun. And I was showered with presents by The Bloke.

I’ve done other stuff, too. I spent ages working on the Poetry on Loan Arts Council bid, trying to get it finished before Christmas, but I didn’t quite make it; my new target is tomorrow evening. I’ve sanded and varnished a coffee table, and it does look a lot better now. I’ve written three poems! I’ve sorted out next year’s contract for my work in the hospital and paid some PoL invoices, and done some Artlift work too.

I very nearly finished everything I wanted to do before Christmas. Yesterday wasn’t great; I’m always sad when the kids go home after Christmas, but I’ve got lots to do, and we had a really good time. But now that’s all over, and I’ve got to start working ready for the New Year… Have a good one, dear reader!

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