It’s not often I think I’ve been lazy, but I have been recently, and it’s time I pulled my finger out and got this new year properly started. Let’s face it, it can only be better than last year, can’t it? But only if I don’t idle about.

I started well – I planned my set for a gig I have in Worcester next week (very different from my usual gig sets), and finished – hooray, hooray! – the Arts Council funding bid for Poetry on Loan. Now all I have to do is wait for three months (yes, three months) to see if we have been awarded funding for the next two years. I do hope we get it; the wonderful West Midlands library staff have earned this with all their efforts over the last two years. I did some work on the PoL website, too, and some proofreading of a big Ledbury Poetry Festival funding application. I caught up with all my emails, and The Daughter came home for a brief visit, which was nice.

But on Thursday, the rot set in. Apart from going out to buy furniture for the playroom, which has been cleared up and will soon have a new carpet, I didn’t do anything. Friday was better – I did my finances, and backed up all the files on my computer (which of course I should do more often), and started sorting all the stuff I brought home from my mum’s house after she died. Some of this was straightforward – things went into use, or in a bag for the charity shop – but other things require decisions, and I’m not good at throwing stuff away. But at least it’s a start. I even managed to chuck out some stuff from the loft, to make room for other stuff to be kept up there for a few years until I can let it go…I did more prep for my gig, and caught up with emails, and did some Poetry on Loan work.

On Saturday I had a good look at what needs to be done with my pension arrangements. I’ve been putting this off, but I think that finally I know what I want to do. And I’m sorry, that’s really boring!

Since then, I’ve been at The Bloke’s house, being lazy. I did do some work on a pamphlet I might publish, and some work on the book of pieces from Cheltenham hospital, and some more clearing – but basically it’s been sheer idleness.

And that’s got to stop.


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