Revving up

Ok, now I’m really getting into this year. It seems almost obligatory to start it with a  cold – everyone else has – so I’ve got one now. I have always had a very unladylike cough, and it does sound a bit like a car revving up, so perhaps it’s appropriate.

I was fine on Monday – caught up with all the emails, and finished the filling that I needed to do in the playroom. In the evening I was doing instant poetry at the Courtyard in Hereford. Great fun! I really enjoy doing this. Afterwards we saw the film on there, Paterson. I had expected to like this a lot. It’s never a good idea to go to a film with high expectations, I’ve found, and in fact I really didn’t like this one much – repetitive and predictable; the poetry wasn’t very good; the slow pace brought out my latent ADHD.

On Tuesday I typed up the poems I’d written and did some painting, and then had my first session with my Cirencester writing group. Lots of new people, and very mixed abilities. I thought it might be rather difficult but in fact they all put a lot into it, and so the session went well. I practised for my set on Thursday, and did the Cirencester writeup and some more painting…

…and some more painting on Wednesday. It’s a good thing I enjoy painting. I did some personal admin – letters and stuff – and revised the notes that go with my will. I do this every year in January, so that if something unfortunate happens my kids will know where to find everything. Of course, that’s presuming that they can find the notes that go with my will. It’s not a cheery activity, but it feels good to have got it done. And I wrapped some presents.

On Thursday morning I had a really good session at the hospital with two lovely people, and met someone I haven’t seen for years; I’m going to help him write his memoir. This should be interesting. In the afternoon it was writeups and invoices, and off to Worcester for my gig at Speakeasy. I was a bit worried about this gig, because I did almost all new stuff, and page poems too – not my usual performance numbers. I was headlining, so I had to wait for ages before it was my turn. I managed to hear some of the other poets, though (usually I’m just in a little world of my own when I’m waiting to perform), which made a nice change. But I could feel my throat getting sore, and a general sickness… Still, adrenaline kicked in (why can’t we buy adrenaline in shops?) and the set went well – they laughed, they cried, they gasped in shock, and all in the right places. What a lovely audience.

Next day I had to take my car in for a recall fix. I did a bit more painting, and prepared for two workshops this week and my kids’ group on Saturday, and then I went to bed. The cold attacked my tummy first (they often do with me) and I was sick and hurting. I got up just in time to collect my car (which had been cleaned!), and I was feeling better, so I did quite a bit of Artlift work, and dealt with all the emails, and prepared for a talk I have to give this week.

The Pershore young people’s group went really well – they sat and wrote in a very focused fashion for longer than they ever have before. That’s what including an alien in a love story does, apparently.

And since then I’ve languished, coughing and spluttering, but I’ve also done a lot on the book of hospital poems. This week I’m going all over the place, so today I’ll be warming my engine up and getting ready.


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