When people told me how bad this cold was, I didn’t believe them. Usually I shrug colds off – one bad day, and then back to normal. But here I am, coughing and spluttering and having to be careful about what I eat, and it’s well over a week since it started.

Anyway. On Monday I tried to ignore my cough, and did writeups and prep and Artlift stuff and painting, and went to a TADS meeting. I had planned to go to the hospital on Tuesday, but clearly that wasn’t going to happen, and I felt too sick to cope with the smell of paint, but I did catch up with all the emails. My Cirencester group were lovely; they are really supportive of each other and have a go at everything. They insisted that we should finish a bit early because I wasn’t feeling good. I was supposed to go to a Ledbury Poetry Festival Board meeting (I’m the minutes secretary, so I really don’t like to miss these meetings), but I just couldn’t; I wrote up the TADS minutes and just slept.

I was a bit brighter on Wednesday, and practised a talk I was to give on Thursday, and did Artlift stuff, and had my first session with a new group in Hereford. They were amazing – some lovely bits of writing and really nice people. A short sleep and off to see La La Land; a suitable film for a special occasion for me and The Bloke. It was lightweight and lovely.

Big day on Thursday! I had a to give a short talk to the funders of my hospital work. I think it went ok, but they weren’t very responsive. I went straight from there to the Forest of Dean, to look at a potential venue for a new Artlift group. At home I did some writeups and a bit of painting – but then I felt bad again and had to go to sleep. At least I managed a bit more Artlift work, and caught up with all the emails.

Friday was a day off! Well, I did my weekly finances, obviously, but then I took The Bloke over to Worcester for a surprise – one of his birthday presents was an escape room experience. We really weren’t very good at this, and failed to escape, but I think that another time we would be much better – it takes a little while to understand what sort of thing you need to do. In the evening we went out for a meal (risking stomach troubles, but never mind). And then I slept, again.

I haven’t done much over the weekend – just a bit of typing up, really – so I should be fully rested and feeling better. However, I was coughing as I typed that, and I need to go and get a fresh pack of tissues from the cupboard. I can’t go on spluttering much longer, can I? Can I?


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