A room of my own

It’s been a good week! On Monday my new carpet was fitted, by a very chatty carpet fitter. And, oh, it looks lovely! It feels good, too – all squishy underfoot. I typed up my new poem, did some Artlift stuff and caught up with all the emails, and hacked at some brambles in the garden – I filled my garden waste bin and that little bit of garden looks much better. Shame about the rest, but still. I found a slam to enter to try out the new poem. I did some prep for the rest of the week, and then The Bloke came round to help me put all the furniture back in my room, and hang some pictures. The new coffee table was delivered on Saturday (by a lovely delivery man who wished me a good year!) I am so pleased with the room now; it is restful and relaxing, tidy and ordered. One room down; all the rest to go…

I’ve done quite a bit on the hospital book this week, but it’s still not finished; it’s all been quite busy.

On Tuesday I had a good session at the hospital, and another good session with my Cirencester group, and in the evening I saw Hacksaw Ridge, which was very good as long as you can ignore the entrails. Why do all war films now have entrails?

I was supposed to go to a meeting on Wednesday morning but it was postponed, so I did my end-of-month accounting and some Poetry on Loan work, and writeups, and I made some changes to the new poem. And I did some slam practice. In the afternoon I had a brilliant session with my wonderful Hereford group, and drove from there to Bristol for the slam. It took ages – 2½ hours from departure to arrival at the venue – and fortunately I got a place in the slam. First, though, was a set from my old mate Rob Gee, who was just as good as I remembered, even with his arm in a sling; full of energy and humour.

This was a Hammer &Tongue evening, and the slam was just one round, one poem each. So, I managed to remember my new poem; and I won the slam. Hooray! They asked me to do another poem, so I did my other new poem, and that seemed to go down well, too.

Thursday morning was emails and prep and writeups, and in the afternoon another session at the hospital – I was a bit behind with hospital work because of the horrible cold I’d had. It was a really good session, with a super lady who was delighted to work with me. In the evening I did Artlift work and writeups and emails, and sat in my lovely room for a little while.

More Artlift stuff on Friday. Only a couple of months and I won’t have to do this any more; it’s not that bad, but I’m looking forward to saying goodbye to it. I did some prep for my young people’s group, some Poetry on Loan work, and then some work on my pensions for my financial adviser(!). It seems odd having a financial adviser, but apparently it’s necessary when it comes to pensions nowadays. Sigh. After all that lot, I’d had enough of sitting at my desk, so I cleared out a cupboard, and got rid of lots of clothes that I don’t wear any more. They will go to the charity shop or eBay, and find a new home somewhere.

Saturday, and the coffee table. It said self-assembly, but it didn’t seem to be doing anything on its own, so The Bloke came round to put it together for me. And on Sunday I had my Christmas present – we went to see the Cirque du Soleil show in the Albert Hall. The second half of the show was terrific, full of the most amazing physical athleticism. Just to make it all perfect, we walked through Kensington Gardens to get there, and as I had hoped they would, some squirrels came to eat peanuts from my hand.

This week is going to be quite ordinary, by comparison, and busy, too – but I’ll make sure I have a little bit of time sitting in my lovely room.



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