Just work

This week it’s been work; just work. Monday was emails and prep, plus some stuff for Poetry on Loan and lots of Artlift stuff, and some work on the hospital book, and a bit of sewing (actually just an excuse for watching Suits, to which I am addicted). Oh, and I wrote a poem I’d promised to someone, called How to be a poet, based on one by someone else. The original poem was a bit up itself; mine isn’t – I can’t take this sort of thing too seriously.

Tuesday was prep for meetings and workshops, and my Cirencester group, who really put everything into what they do. One guy came even though he had a terrible cold, and I had to encourage him to go home early. Afterwards I saw Lion. As with so many films, it would have been much better if it had been 20 minutes shorter – good story, though.

On Wednesday I caught up with all the emails – hooray! And had an excellent session at the hospital, and a terrific session with my group in Hereford. They are so good! Lots of writing up in the evening.

Thursday was a bit different – an evaluation workshop for a big set of arts and health projects funded by the CCG (Clinical Commissioning Group, i.e. NHS). This was ok, and I’m all in favour of good evaluation, but I do wonder why there needed to be so much cake and fruit; I don’t want my NHS money spent on this, when a rich tea biscuit would be perfectly acceptable. A little thing, I know, but still… I had to do quite a lot of Artlift stuff when I got home. It’s not difficult work, but I will be glad when I don’t have to do it any more, and can concentrate on other things.

But Friday – Friday was good. After doing my usual weekly finances and yet more prep, I went to Birmingham for the Poetry on Loan meetings, held every three months or so. These are always uplifting. Despite all the difficulties they face, this group of librarians manages to put on all sorts of events (funded by the Arts Council via PoL), and they are full of enthusiasm and good humour. It’s a privilege to work with them. I mooched around Birmingham for a little while, and met The Daughter; we had a girly meal out, which was great fun.

And in the evening I started a long poem sequence, which has been twisting my head ever since.

On Saturday I had my young writers’ group in Pershore – quieter than usual, largely because one of the livelier ones wasn’t there. They worked so hard! As did my wonderful assistant, Charley; it wouldn’t be so much fun without her.

And the weekend? I’ve done a lot of typing, but that’s about it; otherwise, it was just resting.

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