This week I had a phone call to be remembered, and bad news about my email address… but to start at the beginning: Monday was writeups and prep, mostly, and ages spent looking at my pensions info. Pensions are so boring! – but necessary, I’m afraid. Late afternoon I worked with the Monday Writers group, who did exceptionally well. I got up-to-date with all the emails (hooray!) and typed a sequence of poems I’ve been working on.

I finished the sequence early on Tuesday morning; now I want a chance to perform it, but I think I’ll be doing that in Worcester next month. I did some dull Artlift work, and got a bit of exercise clearing leaves from the garden – soggy and messy. My Cirencester group in the afternoon was a bit thin on the ground – illness and other things – but they worked very hard, as usual. In the evening I saw The Batman Lego movie. This was a non-stop visual onslaught, but full of very clever and funny writing, and some great touches that you could easily miss.

Loads of emails to catch up with on Wednesday, and some stats for Artlift, and an excellent session with my Hereford group. It’s our last one this week, and I’ll miss them. However, the high point of the day was a phone call: “Hello, Brenda? This is Roger – Roger McGough.” Yes, the Roger McGough, phoning me about something he is doing for the Ledbury Poetry Festival. As you will know, dear reader, Roger McGough was the poet who first brought me to poetry, and he has been a hero since I was 14. Made my week! I did some writing up in the evening.

I always enjoy going to the dentist. I know this is a bit unusual, but the conversations there have a weird, surreal and funny quality that is always interesting. Thursday was no exception. I did a lot of Artlift stats and caught up with all the emails, and tried to have a session at the hospital. Unfortunately, it was one of those days when I couldn’t find anyone to work with, except a very brief session with one lady. I always feel a bit down when this happens, although I’m not sure why. But I did some more Artlift work, and changed my handbag – a major undertaking that means I won’t be able to find anything for weeks.

Friday was for prep, and a long phone call about a project I might be helping with, and a phone call to HMRC, who keep telling me in letters that I owe them money, but on the phone say it’s a mistake, and I can ignore the letters. Hmmm. Normally I think highly of HMRC, but not this time.

I emailed or wrote letters to all the people with poems in the Hereford Hospital book – a big job that I’m glad to have done, finally. And I finished putting together the book of poems from Cheltenham Hospital, and sent it to the online publishers. Another major job done!

On Saturday I made a new list of all the big tasks for the next three months, and on Sunday I had to take back (to Stourbridge) the trophy I won last year for my play Rocks off. Shame! And I tried to pick up my emails, but the service wasn’t working. I looked into this on t’Internet, and found that in fact ee are going to stop the Orange email service altogether at the end of May. I’ve had my freeserve email address for as long as I can remember – about 20 years, I think. Everyone knows it; it’s the one used by all my friends and for business and for all my dealings with anyone. Now I’ll have to change it, and I’m not looking forward to this job. While I’m at it, I’ll change my broadband provider too, and I know that this will mean disruption. Still, this is just a first world problem, as they say. I know how lucky I am.

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