All good

Everyone, sometimes, has a bad week. And I hope that everyone, sometimes, has a good week, too. Last week was almost unremittingly good for me. On Monday The Son was home, and while he was here he set up new email arrangements for me; all email in future will go through my website, so the actual email address can change without there being a problem. The first time he did it there was a bit of a problem, but on Wednesday he set up another arrangement and it all seems to be working now. I just have to go through the long process of telling everyone – but I have a couple of months to do that. I caught up with all my emails and had a TADS meeting in the evening.

On Tuesday I had a new carpet fitted in the bathroom! It looks lovely, and is the next step in my aim to transform my house. The only bad part of the week came next, though – I tried to attend a Ledbury Poetry Festival meeting. I got to the office, to find that they were meeting in the Retreat (pub / coffee place), but when I went there, it was closed. I tried various other places around the town but I couldn’t find them, so I came home again – a morning wasted. Never mind; these things happen.

I wrote the TADS minutes and talked to a friend about a project, and had my weekly session with the group in Cirencester. They excelled themselves, with some really brilliant work. After writing it all up, I went to see Hidden Figures, which is an excellent movie, and thoroughly recommended.

I spent a bit of time on Wednesday morning sorting the email situation with The Son, and then had a good session at the hospital, followed by a really good session with my Hereford group. This was our last meeting, and I’ll miss them. I did quite a bit of Artlift work in the evening.

I finished various writeups on Thursday morning and went to a yoga fusion class – my first. It must have done me some good because my muscles were aching the next day. And I bought a picture from Paul McKee, my artist friend. I haven’t put it up on the wall yet; I’m still trying to decide the best place. There was a lot of Artlift work to do, and the report of the Hereford project, and lots of emails; and in the evening  I saw The Founder, which was an ok movie about a rather unpleasant man.

Friday was as usual my weekly accounts day, and more emails, and lots of prep for forthcoming things, and loads of Artlift work. I paid some PoL invoices and did some clearing; always therapeutic, and put some things on eBay.

The weekend – well, the weekend was really lazy. I’ve been waking up very early in the mornings, and I seem to have spent most of the weekend sleeping. So now I’m feeling good again. I have a busy week coming up; I doubt whether it will be as good as last week, but who knows?


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