Out and about

There was a time, when I had a proper job, that I would travel a lot – East Anglia often; France sometimes; Spain and South Africa when I was lucky. Now I don’t go so far, but this week I have been around the county a bit.

On Monday I went to Cinderford for the final Artlift session there, and in the afternoon to an Artlift meeting at the M5 Gloucester services. In between I wrapped stuff I’d sold on eBay, and tried to book a holiday, but just hung on the phone for ages and then gave up.

On Tuesday I had to cancel my Pilates session – much too much work to do. Later in the week I had an email from the gym saying I hadn’t cancelled it and had one strike; presumably after three I get punished in some way, which seems a bit unfair. I did take time off work to book my holiday, though – hooray! I’ll be having a week in the sun, to swim and write and read and swim. I caught up with all the emails, and paid some Poetry on Loan invoices, and prepared for some more Artlift final sessions and other things that are happening this week. In the afternoon I had an excellent session at Cheltenham hospital; the lady was really pleased to talk and have a poem. It’s so nice to make someone’s day like this! I did the writeup later and saw Patriots’ Day, which was worth seeing; well-crafted.

Gloucester on Wednesday for two final Artlift sessions, but before that I finished off the Poetry on Loan meeting minutes and caught up with all my emails. I did more Artlift work in the evening, and more prep, and worked on the Artlift Board meeting minutes, which I finished on Thursday – they took me ages. Yet another final Artlift session, this time in Brockworth. I have only one of these left to go to, and then I have the hard slog of recording all the data and doing the stats, but at least this is the last time I’ll be doing it. Actually, I enjoy these final sessions, because I get to meet the people I have only talked to on the phone, and sometimes do a little painting myself.

Later I did some prep, and bought holiday insurance, and caught up with all the emails, and did an open mic session at Speakeasy in Worcester, with my new poem sequence, which went down really well.

Friday was a rather different day. After doing my weekly accounts, I took The Bloke to hospital, where he was having a minor operation. I came home and did some Artlift stuff and prep for this coming week, and went back to collect him. Poor thing – he was in quite a lot of pain.

On Saturday I had my young people’s group in Pershore, which was fine, and went to care for the invalid. While he was sleeping I did yet more Artlift work, and all the typing up from Pershore.

So – Cinderford, Gloucester services, Cheltenham, Gloucester, Brockworth, Worcester, Cheltenham again and Pershore. It’s not what you would call a jet set lifestyle – but at least I have my holiday to look forward to.


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