What it’s all about

What a good week! It started normally – writeups for the young people’s group in Pershore, prep for a school; The Son was home for a while, and we moved the piano so I could do some decorating. Then a great session with my Monday Writers, who really excelled themselves. And I caught up with all the emails.

On Tuesday I handled the snail mail and did some Poetry on Loan work, and visited the final Artlift session in Cheltenham. It took ages to get there because it was race week in Cheltenham – something I don’t really understand. I’ve been to see some horse racing once, and it all seemed a bit pointless. I did some invoicing and mowed both lawns, which always takes a long time when it’s the first cut of the season. I did loads of Artlift work in the evening. That wasn’t so much fun, but it’s something I have to do, at least until the end of April.

On Wednesday I was in a library in Walsall, where they were having an event bringing various community organisations together. I got everyone there to write one or two lines, and assembled them into an epic poem about community. They came up with some great stuff, and loved the poem; they enjoyed my little performance, too, even though some of them have never heard poetry aloud before. In the afternoon I spread some biological moss killer on the lawns. I ran out just before I’d finished, but at least I’ve done most of it; another thing that took ages but had to be done. Again loads of Artlift work, and some practice for something I’m doing tomorrow.

On Thursday I was in Swindon for an Artlift artists’ meeting. These are always uplifting; and this time it was a chance for everyone to meet the new Artlift Director, who has good plans for fundraising. I did more practice in the car on the way home. In the evening I saw Logan, which was better than I expected, although a bit spurty.

And then it was Friday. What a wonderful day! I am poet in residence at John Masefield School in Ledbury, and this was one of my days there. I performed a few poems for a staff meeting, including a brand new one written specially for them, and these went down really well. The workshop I ran for year 7 and 8 kids was amazing; I have never had so many good poems written in a school workshop. They excelled themselves. The rest of the day I was running writing clinics, for kids in ones and twos, and they were all bright and receptive. It was a terrific day, and left me knowing that this is actually what it’s all about, this writing lark.

I did my weekly finances when I got home, and packed up some stuff I’ve sold on eBay; paid some Poetry on Loan invoices and did a lot of Artlift work. More Artlift stuff on Saturday, and on Sunday did more prep for this week and yet more Artlift work.

Today I’m going to start work on the decorating. I think it’s going to be another good week, but in a totally different way.


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