So, off to the House of Lords. Car to Slough station, train to Paddington, underground to Westminster. I met the others from Artlift in a café, and then we were shown up to a room which had once been the Lord Chancellor’s. It all went swimmingly – various members of the great and good listened to the speeches, which were all kept to the point and to time, and I did two poems. Loads of people came up afterwards and said how much they had enjoyed them, so it was all good.

It was interesting to see so many armed policemen outside, because of course this was less than a week after the attack that killed four people. But one of the unarmed policemen had lent his helmet to a small boy for a photograph; it takes more than a terrorist to stop London bobbies being what they really are.

I got home late. On Tuesday I had a good session at the hospital, and answered emails, and mowed the grass, finishing just as the rain started. Writeups and Poetry on Loan work and Artlift work, and that was it.

And it was time to do some work on my own house. It’s not quite so grand as the House of Lords but still needs care. I painted a window frame, and touched up the white bits, where I’d dripped black paint, and the black bits where I’d dripped white paint, and finally it was all finished – except for clearing up the fireplace and the cupboard in the corner, which I also did. All ready for the carpet – except that the carpet wasn’t ready. This is just as well, really, because today a man has started work on the wall on the outside of this room, and he will be creating dust; in fact, he already is.

On Wednesday evening I saw Life, which was ok, but hardly original.

On Thursday I did loads of Artlift work – it’s time to prepare the statistics that go to our funders. But I also went for a swim, and painted a picture, and cleaned the windows, and went to the TADS’ AGM and monthly meeting.

On Friday I was working in a hospice. We wrote a group poem with advice for young people, which was great fun, and they all wrote poems to their younger selves. A good session, although there weren’t many people there. I did my end of year accounting, and everything added up – hooray! And I did more work on the Artlift stats, and the minutes for the TADS’ meetings, and caught up with all my emails. And wrote a poem.

I spent ages on Saturday morning on Artlift stuff, while I was waiting for a delivery – until I realised that in fact the delivery wasn’t going to come until Monday – and I wrote another poem.

Sunday was a treat – The Son and Daughter took me out for a belated Mother’s Day lunch. It’s a good idea to leave it for a week – we had the restaurant pretty much to ourselves. Both the kids were suitably complimentary about all the work that has been done on the house so far; they know what side their bread’s buttered!

And this week there’ll be a man about the house pretty well all the time. It needs to be done, but really, I like to be left alone in my house. No chance of that this week.


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