Writing again

I’m in an online group writing a poem a day for April, and so far I’ve done one each day; one or two of them I’m quite pleased with, too, so that’s all good.

Apart from that, I’ve had a man – a very good craftsman, I should say, repairing a beam on the front of my house. He’s done a very good job, and at less than the price he quoted. On Monday, in between talking to him (he was very chatty), I prepared for the Poetry on Loan meeting, finished (so I thought) the Artlift statistics, and caught up with the emails; and did an application for something which I’ll talk about if it comes to anything.

On Tuesday I did a lot of Artlift work. And then I discovered that there was a mistake in all the books I’d ordered for the hospital, so I spent a couple of hours cutting up sticky labels and sticking them over the error. It was all my fault, so it was up to me to put it right. I did some practice for a gig (tonight!), and in the evening saw Free fire, which is a quirky movie. I enjoyed it, except for the squelchy bits.

On Wednesday I had a good session at the hospital, and went for a swim. I do like swimming! Loads of Artlift work, and on Thursday I had a meeting with the Artlift Director and finance person. I found myself volunteering to provide some additional stats for a meeting with our funders next week; this took quite a bit of time at the end of the week and over the weekend. I did quite a lot of work on my handover pack; I’m giving up a lot of the Artlift work at the end of the month and I want to leave it all in a good state for my successor. And I caught up with all the emails. Again.

On Friday I did my accounts, and went to Birmingham for the Poetry on Loan meeting. These are always refreshing and inspiring meetings; the library staff work so hard in spite of all the cuts that are made in their provision. I’m pleased to have got funding for the PoL work for the next two years, and privileged that they want me to continue. I met The Daughter in Birmingham and went back with her to her house.

Over the weekend I finished work on the stats and proofread the Ledbury Poetry Festival brochure. I have to say it looks like a really interesting programme; there are lots of events I want to go to myself.

All in all, a good week. And now I must practise for my gig (headlining at Licensed to Rhyme, in Bromsgrove) and write today’s poem…


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