Empty rooms

I have a poem called Empty rooms; it’s one of my favourites. At the moment, though, I have an empty room – my dining room, completely empty; I cleared it of everything and cut up the carpet (now down the garden, in a pathetic attempt to kill the nettles). However, my carpet fitter has had pneumonia, and hasn’t been able to come and fit the new carpet. He’s promised to come tomorrow, though – but meanwhile, it’s echoey and strange. Cutting up the carpet took a lot of time on Monday, but I did all the snail mail too.

In the evening I was headlining at Licensed to Rhyme, in Bromsgrove. Last time I went there, it was packed; this time, the room was almost empty. However, the audience did include some of my favourite people, people whose opinions I respect, and they all thought it was a good set, so that was ok.

On Tuesday I did lots of prep, and lots of Artlift and Poetry on Loan work, and had a meeting with my financial adviser. This seems really odd to me; I never thought I was the sort of person who would have a financial adviser, but pensions are complicated nowadays. In the evening I went to see Jonny Fluffypunk’s new show in Hereford; good fun! Not a bad audience, either.

On Wednesday it was more of the same – Artlift and Poetry on Loan – but I had to go to Gloucester for a meeting with the CCG (Clinical Commissioning Group – Artlift’s largest funders). This all went swimmingly; much better than I had expected. The afternoon visit to the hospital wasn’t so good, though – I couldn’t find anyone to work with on the wards, and the waiting room was nearly empty. I did start working with two people, but each of them was called in for an appointment, so all a bit of a dead loss. In the evening I saw Going in style – ok; entertaining; nothing special.

Yoga on Thursday morning! It’s hard work, so it must be good for me. Handling the emails took much of the rest of the day, together with some Artlift work. I have to say that I’m looking forward to stopping the Artlift work. Not long to go now, but I’m having to spend a lot of time at the moment getting everything ready for the handover to my successor. I did some prep, too.

On Friday I did my usual finances stuff. and lots of Artlift work. Lots and lots of Artlift work – no bank holiday for me. I did see Ghost in the shell last night (ok; not very original) but over the weekend, I’ve done some work for the hospital book, and written the first draft of my poem for John Masefield school, and some other bits and bobs of work – I spent a lot of yesterday on emails.

But – my mind isn’t as empty as my dining room. At the moment, it seems more like the room next to the dining room, which is crammed full of stuff. I’ve written a poem each day, and I’m still going strong. Perhaps empty rooms help the creative process…



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