Holiday over

It’s back to real work this week, after a few weeks in between terms spent on house stuff and admin. Tuesday was spent almost entirely on prep for two new courses I’m starting this week, with the Ledbury Poetry Festival board meeting and AGM in the evening…

…which meant that on Wednesday I had to write the minutes. And then the carpet fitter came, recovered from his bout of pneumonia. Hooray! He’s done a splendid job, and now I have a lovely new carpet in my dining room. I’m sure that all these changes in my life surroundings have helped make it possible for me to do all the writing I’m doing at the moment; I’m still bursting with enthusiasm for everything. I’ve written a poem every day this week, again. But I did manage to put most of the furniture back in the dining room, and then spent quite a long time judging entries for a Staffordshire young people’s poetry competition. I can’t help thinking that a few workshops from poets would make a huge difference to the ability of these young people to write decent poems. A lot of them showed that the kids were really enjoying using words, but didn’t quite know what to do with them.

More prep on Thursday, after a yoga session (ooh! Stretched!), and a lot of Artlift work and Poetry on Loan stuff.. On Friday, after doing my accounts, I had a really good session at the hospital, and wrote it all up when I got home. Emails, paying invoices, and some clearing out – most of the admin I had to do is done, now, although I still have to do all that’s necessary because of my email address change.

On Saturday I had my young people’s group in Pershore. I set them some hard tasks, and they responded pretty well. Later on, The Son and his fiancée came to help move the piano back into the dining room. It does look good! I spent a lot of time over the weekend typing up the young people’s work – we’re planning a book of their pieces, so it has to be done, and preparing for a workshop I’m going to be running for TADS. But we did go to the Cotswold Wildlife Park, and saw some Prevost squirrels, tiny ducklings, baby porcupines, and a sleeping red panda. Life is one big holiday for red pandas, I think, but it’s back to work for me.

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