Poem a day

So, I’ve written a poem every day this month. Some were just because I had to, for the Facebook group I was in; some of them I’m really pleased with; and I’ve enjoyed doing all of them. I wonder if I can keep this up? I don’t think so, not right now, anyway – the next two weeks will be really busy. But who knows?

Monday was just stuff – emails; notifying people about the change to my email address; notifying hospital patients that the book of poems is available. Dull, really, but all things that had to be done.

Tuesday was much better – a very good session at the hospital, and a good first session with my new group in Cirencester. They are going to be fine; but I got home to find that my heating wasn’t working. It was chilly, if you remember. In the evening I saw Their finest; very good, although I didn’t like the sad bit. Such a softie, me.

More admin again on Wednesday morning, and Justin, my wonderful heating engineer, came and fixed the heating for me. His father first worked for me in 1979, and I’ve seen Justin grow up; his father has retired now, and I’m still getting terrific service from the family. A good first session with my Hereford group in the afternoon; I made them work very hard. And on Wednesday evening I did my last lot of phone calls for Artlift. It was amazing – I managed to get through to all but one of them; this hardly ever happens.

In between all these things, I had a swim and threw out some clothes, which is always a good thing. I had planned to go to a yoga class on Thursday, but had to cancel because I had too much to do. I prepared for a TADS workshop in the evening, finished my Artlift handover prep, and finished notifying my business contacts of the change of email address. Hooray! Now it’s just all the personal contacts to do… And I finished the poem I’ve been commissioned to do as part of my residency at John Masefield school. I was a bit worried about sending this is – what if they didn’t like it? – but in fact the response has been hugely enthusiastic, so that’s ok. I did some prep for next week, and in the evening helped run the TADS workshop. It went really well, with lots of new people interested in joining us. I think everyone enjoyed themselves.

On Friday morning I took all the Artlift stuff to the person who is taking over from me, and we spent three and a half hours going through it all. Phew! Goodbye to all that, and all that. Lots of emails, and in the evening I went to Stoke, for a Poetry on Loan gig with Harry Baker. He’s an excellent performer.

I did the accounts on Saturday, and the weekend has been quite quiet – some work for my young people’s group in Pershore, prep for a couple of poetry events, and a bike ride, which was fun.

And now I must spend this week in a frenzy of preparation, ready for next week, which will be a frenzy of activity. No. I really don’t think I’ll be able to write a poem every day, but I will try.


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