Losing things

I hate losing things; it preys on my mind, and won’t let me go. This has been a bad week, as far as losing things is concerned. I finished the urgent thing I had to do on Monday, but I really needed my camera for this; I haven’t used it for months, so the batteries needed charging. Could I find the charger? But I always keep it in the box the camera came in. There was a charger there, but not for the camera. I thought the charger might be for my Kindle, so I looked where I keep the Kindle charger; that wasn’t there either, and the cable I had didn’t match. So, two things gone in one day. They must be in the house, of course, but where?

Anyway, I did the writeup for my Pershore kids’ group, and caught up with the emails, and paid some Poetry on Loan invoices.

On Tuesday I finished off the Poetry on Loan meeting minutes and got them sent off, and started the work for the PoL Arts Council final report for 2015-2017. In the afternoon I had a good session with my somewhat depleted Cirencester group., and a long call from The Daughter. In the evening I saw Guardians of the Galaxy; this was a terrible movie, and I loved every minute of it.

On Wednesday I looked for three t-shirts that I know must be somewhere, but again, no sign. My life was falling apart – ok, an exaggeration, I know. I had a very good session with my Hereford group in the afternoon, and did some more PoL work. And looked again for all the missing items.

Yoga on Thursday, which always makes me feel good, and emails and the Arts Council report. I worked on this until 11 pm…

…but on Friday morning I realised I’d missed out a big chunk, and finally finished the report at about lunchtime. I paid lots of Poetry on Loan invoices, and filled in pension forms (sigh), and did a bit of gardening, and did some prep for this week, and started work on the book of the Pershore kids’ pieces.

On Saturday I found something – a piece of plastic on the drive next to the my car’s driver’s door. It has obviously fallen off my car, but neither I nor The Bloke can find where it came from; I’ll have to take it in to the dealer to get this checked. The Daughter came home for a while, which was nice. And on Sunday we went for a stroll around Broadway, and I lost my watch – the really nice one that was a Christmas present. We searched everywhere.

I know that this is all just stuff, and it doesn’t really matter, but so many things in one week – I think it nature’s way of telling me I need to declutter, as if I didn’t know already. I’ve ordered a camera cable, and bought a new t-shirt, and I have a birthday coming up…

…and I’ve just had a phone call from a shop in Broadway saying that they have found my watch! No doubt the camera cable will turn up the day after the new one arrives. And perhaps this week I can get on with something creative, instead of spending my time on fruitless searches.


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