It doesn’t happen here

I live in a very quiet village. Nothing much happens; there’s almost no crime; I remember a parish councillor being horrified when he found a used condom on the playing field (which to my mind showed a certain sense of responsibility, although a rather sad disregard for tidiness). It’s very easy to think that things can’t happen here – and in fact, it’s probably true. But the Manchester bombing has, I guess, had an effect on everyone’s week, including mine.

I do feel strongly, though, that we should always try to carry on as normal; terrorists want to cause alarm and disruption, and we shouldn’t let this happen. And my week has gone on much as normal, really.

Monday was mostly prep, and a long phone call evaluating a project I was involved with three years ago, but I did find time for a swim. In the evening I saw Colossal – highly recommended, if you like movies that are a bit quirky. On Tuesday I had an excellent workshop with the lovely Coachhouse writers, and another really good one with my Cirencester group. The evening was writeups and emails.

On Wednesday I started filling the front wall of my house, or rather half of the front wall – it’s too big to do in one go. My house is a black-and-white cottage; this type of building moves around a lot, so decorating always starts with a large amount of filler. My postman thinks I have shares in a filler company, because I use so much of it.

In the afternoon I had another really good session with my group in Hereford. I do so enjoy these workshops! Later on I did the writeup and some work on the book of pieces written by my group of young people in Pershore.

On Thursday I woke up early and went for a run! Just a short one, but it felt good. But my poor old freezer was hardly running at all. It was making a terrible noise, and the temperature was far too high, so I spent a bit of time looking at possible replacements. It’s amazing, really – I ordered a new one on Thursday and it was delivered and up and running on Saturday. Some things in life are definitely easier than they used to be.

I finished the filling, and had a good session at the hospital, working with a farmer who was desperate to get out and make the most of the good weather. In the evening I had an intensive fitness class, and did writeups and prep, and planned some gigs I’ve got over the next few weeks.

And oh dear, on Friday I was aching from the class! But I did my weekly accounts, and started painting the white paint on the front wall. I did two coats on the whole thing, and by the end was almost too tired to type. In the middle a gave a talk about Artlift and a taster session at a GP surgery. It was mostly doctors, and they were an absolute joy to work with; I think they will be sending some referrals in.

The Son had some bad news. Through no fault of his own, he has been made redundant. But he is able and talented and resilient, and I’m sure he’ll be ok.

On Saturday I cleared everything out of the poor old freezer and unplugged it. And caught up with all the emails! In the afternoon I went to Broadway to collect my found watch, and wrote a poem – first one for a few weeks, which is always nice.

Sunday was a bit of a lazy day, buying bedding plants at a garden centre (I know – very middle-class), but I did a lot of work on the kids’ book, too.

And yesterday it was my birthday – quite a big birthday; I’m ancient now. “Pamper yourself,” I was told by some friends. And I had my idea of a good day out. Segwaying first (although that wasn’t quite so much fun, because it poured with rain) and then Go Ape, which, if you don’t know, means climbing and swinging around in trees. It was great! I was showered with presents, too, but no cake.

I am such a lucky person. I have an amazing job and people who care about me. And nothing really bad has happened for a very long time.


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