Ok, I know everyone’s fed up with the election, but I’m going to say something, even though I don’t usually mention politics in my blog. People who know me know that I don’t tell anyone who I vote for, because people died for the right to a secret ballot, and I like to respect that.

But this election has changed my mind about something. The media talk a lot about a divided nation, but I don’t think that’s what we are. Many aspects of human behaviour follow a normal distribution, i.e. most people fall somewhere around the middle, and I think that’s true of political leanings too. I don’t know many people well, but I’ve heard so many people say that they agree with these policies from this party, and those policies from that party, but can’t wholeheartedly support any of them, because the Labour party has gone too far left and the Conservatives have gone too far right, and voting for other parties (unless you are in Scotland) seems a bit pointless.

If we had proportional representation, we could end up with a set of MPs who would reflect this middle view much better, I think. I’ve wavered in my views on proportional representation in the past, because of the fear that, as someone on the radio said, we could end up with Italian politics but without the sunshine. Now, though, I’m convinced – we need to change the system.

So, there you are; now all that needs to happen is for my views, which are clearly correct, to be put into practice. Dream on, Brenda.

Anyway, enough of that. Monday was mostly prep and admin, but my car had an MOT. It’s only 5 years old. It was MOT’d before I bought it, last year. This time, it failed, and it failed because the headlamp washers weren’t working. They have never worked, but it didn’t occur to me that this would mean MOT failure. Anyway, I got them mended (at a cost of £360! Yes, £360! for something I don’t need and have never missed), but it seems that the wiring was damaged before I bought the car, and it should not have passed its previous MOT. I am in negotiations now with the company I bought it from, but really, the lesson from this is that I realise yet again how lucky I am, to be able to pay for this work to be done.

TADS meeting in the evening, and during the night (couldn’t sleep) I wrote a poem I’m quite pleased with. On Tuesday I did some prep for a slam on Wednesday, caught up with all the emails, and ran my group in Cirencester – another good session. In the evening I saw Wonder Woman; another one of those films that you can enjoy watching while knowing that it’s utter rubbish.

On Wednesday I actually entered a couple of poetry competitions; I don’t usually bother, but I thought I’d give it a go. I did the TADS minutes, overcame an email problem with the help of The Son, and did a lot of Poetry on Loan stuff. In the evening I went to Bristol for the regional final of the Hammer & Tongue slam. Winning slams in Bristol has always been notoriously difficult unless you come from Bristol, so I didn’t have high hopes – but yes, I won, which means that I’ll be in the national final in the Albert Hall in January. For some reason, the M32 is always, always closed when I’m coming back from Bristol late at night, and indeed it was on Wednesday, so I didn’t get home until really late.

On Thursday I wrote another poem, and had a yoga class, and a really good session at the hospital, and did some prep for my young people’s group in Pershore, and handled emails and writeups and did some work on the Poetry on Loan Facebook page.

Friday was accounting and a lot of prep, plus a little bit of gardening and more Poetry on Loan work – it’s a busy period for PoL.

And on Saturday I wrote another poem! It’s been a good week for writing. The final Pershore session went very well. Over the weekend I proofread the book of the Pershore kids’ pieces.

And that’s it. Another good week. I’m convinced that nobody has a better job than I do.


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