I’m sorry the blog is so late, but I’ve been away on holiday. To be honest, I’m not that sorry. I had a wonderful holiday, with lots of sunshine and swimming, and I did a lot of writing, too, although it never seems like work when I write sitting on a sunbed on a Greek beach. I saw a bright red fish that I can’t track down on the Internet, and a dog water-skiing, and many stunningly beautiful views.

Anyway, not much to say this week, and I don’t want to create envy. I don’t even want to say where I’ve been, because it’s one of my favourite places in the world and I don’t want it to get any busier. I’ll tell anyone who asks me, though.

And of course, there are a million emails to handle, and a stack of snail mail, and my lovely friend Jackie (who lives in New Zealand) is coming to stay with me tomorrow, so I have a lot to do. And of course there is the Ledbury Poetry Festival to prepare for. Buy tickets! Go! It’s the best poetry festival there is, and you can be part of it; you should be part of it.

So, sorry again, that’s all there is this week.

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