It was only Wednesday when I last blogged, but a lot seems to have happened since then. Wednesday and Thursday morning were mostly spent catching up with emails, of course, and I’m still nowhere near up-to-date with them.

But on Thursday one of the best events in my calendar came up – the annual visit of my friend Jackie. We went to Croome and had a lovely walk; we saw a heron and three woodpeckers and a wren and a squirrel, and the rain started just as we were getting back to the car. We had a great evening, chatting as if we had never stopped.

On Friday we went to Ledbury, and we said goodbye at the railway station. Shame. But then it was all systems go preparing for event no. 1 at the Ledbury Poetry Festival, which I was managing and hosting. 24 poets! – including one who turned up ten minutes before the event and said that she had been asked to read, so I slotted her in. It was a terrific event; they all turned up and did good readings and kept to time. We started just 2 minutes after the advertised time, and finished 2 minutes late – very nearly perfect! I went home and did my end-of-month accounts and some prep for a gig on Sunday.

On Saturday I did more admin – invoicing and practice and emails, and I typed up half of the new play I wrote on holiday. Sunday was a bit more active – a 10-mile bike ride, in lovely sunshine.

And yesterday evening I was headlining at Yes we can’t, a monthly poetry evening in Walsall, run by Steve Pottinger, Emma Purshouse and Dave Pitt. It was amazing – the room was packed; the open mic poets were the best I’ve ever heard, and the first half-ender was brilliant. I was a bit concerned that I wouldn’t be as funny as their previous headliner – I did my usual mix of funny and serious – but it seemed to go down really well. Steve, Emma and Dave have worked wonders.

Three events in one week. This week is going to seem quiet by comparison.


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