Putting things back together

This week has been very different from last week. I went to the dentist on Monday, and he put a dressing (strange term!) on my broken tooth, so (a) it has stopped shredding my tongue and (b) it won’t get any worse. The little bits that are left are enough for him to make a crown, so I won’t just have a gap where the tooth was.

And in my last effort to make my wireless keyboard communicate with my laptop, it just worked. Just like that. They do it deliberately, you know.

Most of the week has been spent on my wall – sanding to get rid of the bits left by the Virginia creeper; filling; two coats of white paint. This week it’s window frames and then the black beams.

I’ve been keeping up-to-date with the emails, until today – there are 33 new ones. Among them have been more exchanges with the really difficult person. It’s wearing, isn’t it, dealing with difficult people? But I’ve tried to keep on the moral high ground; this person won’t have anything to complain about in what I have done so far. It takes ages drafting careful emails, though. One benefit is that each time I hear from this person, or write an email, I go out and attack the weeds on the patio with savagery – it’s completely clear of weeds now!

I’ve bought a pressure washer, so I clean the two patios properly, and I unpacked it, planning to get it ready to use. Easy assembly, I thought – I just need some instructions. “Attach all loose parts to washer”. That’s all it said! And the pictures were no help at all. I had to enlist The Bloke to help me.

I’ve been out running three times, each time a little bit further than the one before, and it’s getting easier.

I had a great session at Cheltenham hospital, and I had a phone call from Hereford hospital – they want me to repeat the project I ran there before, doing much the same as I do at Cheltenham. I’m in danger of taking on too much work again, but this is work that I love doing, and that helps people feel better – how can I possibly say no?

I’ve written a poem I’m pleased with, and finished the first draft of my new one-act play; so far, it’s had favourable responses from the people who have read it.

I’ve done lots of prep for the Poetry on Loan meeting this week. And I’ve started the major clear-out of clothes; there’s a small gathering of bags of stuff waiting to go to the charity shop now.

And I saw War for the planet of the apes. Ok, I know it’s not high culture, but Andy Serkis is always worth seeing.

It’s been a good week; putting things together is always better than having them fall apart – but I guess you can’t have one without the other.

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