I’ve started running four times a week now. Well, as I mentioned before, my idea of running is more like leaning forward and having to move my feet to stop myself from falling over – but now I’m really enjoying it, and a day without a run feels wrong.

There’s not been a great deal of work this week, but I have done a lot of filling and sanding and painting. I live in a black-and-white cottage. You fill all the gaps; you give the white two coats; you undercoat and gloss the window frames; you paint the black beams. And then you have to touch up the white, because the black paint drips and flicks, even though it’s non-drip, and even though you’ve been really careful. At the moment I’m still on the black beam painting stage, which I enjoy most – it’s kind of Zen, trying to get a good line.

I did have a Poetry on Loan meeting on Wednesday, in Birmingham. These are always uplifting; the odd bad moment is more than compensated by the tremendous things the library staff do in the face of great odds. One of them brought a quote from a manager: “Libraries are not for reading or literature.” Yes, well.

Afterwards I spent a bit of time with The Daughter, which was fun.

I saw Dunkirk this week; a good movie, with a clever structure.

And on Thursday I had another treat – a dentist appointment, for a root filling. I always have fun at the dentist; he’s a good laugh. He had to make a specially-small root filling for me because I have such a ridiculously small face.

I’ve kept up-to-date with the emails, until Saturday; and I’ve spent quite a bit of time reading a not-yet published book written by a friend; she has asked me to brutal in my comments. And I’ve written a couple of poems.

So, mostly work on the house this week, and more the coming week, but I should get the current wall finished. Things are running along nicely.

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