Fitness and fruit

My life is very fruitful at the moment. I’ve picked and frozen all the plums; I’ve gathered the greengages (my first real crop, and they are delicious); the pears are coming in thick and fast. I’m trying to use stuff from the freezer to make way for my harvest, which will serve me through the winter. I’m like a fruit-eating squirrel.

But on Monday, I did some cleaning as well, and wrote a poem, and went to a rehearsal of TADS’ production of Much ado about nothing. It’s on this Friday and Saturday, and my only responsibility is front of house, so no stress at all.

I’ve been running nearly every day. My personal trainer (special offer at the gym. otherwise I wouldn’t spend the money) says I should vary my long runs with some short fast ones, and I’ve done this once this week, but otherwise I am now up to 40-minute runs, and today I plan to enter a 10k race. Race! I won’t actually be racing, of course; just trying to reach the end in a reasonable time.

I’ve spent a lot of the week painting a big wall, plus window frame and former cheeks. It’s all done now except the very top bit above the dormer, and I’m not sure if I should do that or get a man in. I mean person, not man, but I do in fact have a man in mind.

On Tuesday evening I saw Valerian. The special effects were very special, but the script poor; not recommended, really.

I have done some work this week. On Wednesday I had a good session at the hospital, and there’s been quite a bit of Poetry on Loan stuff. Our new poetry postcards are taking shape, and they are stunning. And I’ve started getting my poetry manuscript together for potential publication. This is difficult. I look at my poems and think (1) they should all be published, and (2) none of them is any good at all. However, one of my poems has been accepted for a anthology, which is nice.

I’ve also started getting ready for my cruise. I’ll be going on a cruise soon, working as a creative writing tutor, and I’m really looking forward to this. The first thing is to overcome my seasickness, though…

Thursday was yoga and my first session with my personal trainer, Dan, and he worked me really hard. I’m determined to try and get some strength in my feeble shoulders; moving the big ladder around for my decorating must help with this, I think.

On Friday I had a meeting with the lovely Charley, to discuss plans for next year’s young people’s group in Evesham. I think it should all go really well.

I’ve spent a bit of time trying on clothes, which doesn’t sound very productive. But I’ve filled another bag for the charity shop, and sorted loads of things to go on eBay, and with the help of The Son, put four bags up in the loft. One day I’ll get everything clear, I swear it. The Son, by the way, now has a job again, and one that he really wanted, so much relief all round.

And on Sunday I had a treat – the annual joint birthday lunch with my kids. They always make me laugh a lot, and even though we don’t eat much, it was a lovely occasion. Both of them did their duty and expressed admiration for all the work that’s been done on the house, so they are in my good books.

And this week? Much of the same, really. Perhaps next week I’ll just put “ditto”.


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