Well, I warned you. It really has been more of the same this week. I’ve run a lot; I’ve done lots of clearing, sanding, filling and painting on the outside of my house. I’ve just got the black bits to do on the end wall, now. The frustrating thing is that there are some bits that I just can’t reach – last time I did one of them it was when some scaffolding was up for some other work on the house. There must be a way up there, but I think I might have to dangle from the roof, or something…

I’ve gathered, cooked and frozen many pears, but they are ganging up on me now, so I think I’ll put some outside the house for anyone to take.

I’ve done quite a bit of Poetry on Loan stuff, and had a good session at the hospital, but mostly I’ve been at home. I started pressure-washing the patio, and I plan to finish that tomorrow when it’s going to be warm weather, given that I get soaked doing this job. And covered in muck.

I’ve seen A ghost story, which I found mesmerising and beautiful, but I can see that people might find it rather slow.

I’ve done front of house (selling programmes) for the TADS’ production of Much ado about nothing. It went very well, although we didn’t sell anything like as many tickets as we had hoped. And I had to buy some new clothes, because none of my smart trousers fit me now.

I had a hard yoga session, and an even harder session with my personal trainer, and then did my tax return. I wasn’t feeling masochistic or anything; the tax return never takes long, and it always feels good to have got it done.

And I’ve written several poems – one a commission for a birthday, and several just for me.

Oh. And there have been emails, and now I’m a bit behind with them. I do feel that when the weather is ok I have to be outside protecting my house! And soon I’m off to Bridgnorth to do a gig – only 15 minutes, but I have no idea what the audience will be like, so I’ve prepared about 30 minutes’ worth of poetry. I hope they like some of it. And I hope that next week it won’t be just ditto, but I suspect it will.


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