I still haven’t entered a 10k run, but I will do it, because now I have started running rather than just jogging. It’s a good feeling, getting some impetus in my stride at last. I’m now up to 6 miles, which is well on the way to 10k.

And I’ll need to get running metaphorically, because real work all starts again now, with a vengeance. First, I must finish the painting. I’ve done one of the really high bits, and this week I’ll do the last one. I’ve woodstained the well, but it needs a second coat. I had hoped to paint the long back wall this summer, but that will have to wait until next year now.

So, last week was mostly painting and emails. I had a wonderful session at the hospital – great responses from both the people I worked with. And I had excellent news – two of my poems have been accepted for publication, one in an anthology and one in an annual publication. Whoo! I’ve written some more poems, too – we’re into September Poem a Day now, so I’ve got to keep the pace up. And I’ve more or less planned a gig for next week.

I’ve done quite a lot of Poetry on Loan work – our postcards should be ready to go to the printers this week; we have our first training session coming up; the competition has closed and I have to organise the judging. Also, on Saturday I was one of the judging panel for the Staffordshire Young Poet Laureate competition. I think we have found an excellent young poet to take this on.

I saw The hitman’s bodyguard. This had quite poor reviews from the critics, but a good response from audiences; it was a bit spurty, but the dialogue was clever and witty and I really enjoyed it. Sometimes I think the critics have no idea.

And on Friday I had a bonfire – three big piles of garden rubbish reduced to a small, neat pile of ash. I sometimes think this would be a good way to get rid of all the junk in my house, but sense prevails; today I must get a whole load of things on eBay. It’s one of an enormous list of things I should do today, and somehow I have to fit in a long run. Faster, Brenda, faster!

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