I may be running just a little bit faster now, but I’m certainly running further. Since last Monday, I’ve had three long runs (one really hard; the other two easier, for some reason) and several shorter runs. And I’ve just entered for a quarter marathon run – well, they call it a race, but I won’t be racing, just trying to finish. I had planned to enter a 10k, which is a little bit longer, but the nearest one is an hour away and starts early; the one I have entered is much nearer where I live. I’ll be doing a Justgiving thing, in case anyone wants to sponsor me, and putting the details on Facebook.

Running has taken quite a lot of time, this week, but I’ve been busy with other stuff too. The incredible quantity of pears from my pear tree have nearly all been cooked and frozen, of given away. The last bit of painting has been done, but I haven’t put away all the ladders (yes, I have a collection of ladders). There have been loads of emails – there’s a stack of them waiting now. I’ve written a poem every day, although I’m a bit behind with posting them.

I saw Logan lucky, which was a very enjoyable heist movie. And I visited a friend who is going to live in France. Very brave! I’d like to go and live in Greece, but I don’t suppose I will. I had a really good session at the hospital, although it was difficult; it always is when I’m working with people who know they are going to die. I’ve proofread the Poetry on Loan poetry postcards, which are now with the printers. They are beautiful – the best we’ve ever done, I think; credit goes to our wonderful designer, Gregory Fisk. And I’ve sorted all the poems for the PoL competition, and sent them off to the judges.

I’ve been to a TADS’ meeting, which was a bit embarrassing, because I don’t know what I’m doing next year and so can’t commit to directing anything yet. I had a trip to Birmingham on Wednesday, for a meeting of the Spark Young Writers lead writers – these meetings are always uplifting, although it’s 7½ hours for a 2-hour meeting. I did some prep for a workshop on Saturday and for several things this week. The workshop, in Bilston, went really well – and afterwards I went hat shopping with The Daughter, which was fun. It occurred to me that now I’ll probably never go into a hat shop again.

I’ve even done a bit of gardening! I ought to do more today, but I have so many indoor things to catch up with.

And today I had some wonderful news, which I’m not allowed to tell anyone about yet. But it does take me a little bit further than I have been before; it’s one of those race mile markers that I had thought I would never reach. Onwards…

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