So busy!

I’ve got loads to do so I’ll have to keep this brief.

So, this week I’ve done a lot of training for my quarter marathon run – which I completed in my best time. Ok, so it was 1 hour 18 minutes 59 seconds, which is slow by any standards, and I came 298th, but at least I did it. Thank you to all my sponsors! I’ve raised £250 for Practical Action, so it was worth all the effort. I’ll still go out running, until it gets cold, but not for long distances.

I’ve spent ages working on my collection – lots of editing, taking poems out, putting others in, resequencing them – who knew it was so hard?

I had an excellent session at the hospital, and another excellent session with my group in Cirencester – very rewarding. And I’ve done the writeups for these and for my kids’ group.

I’ve carried on writing a poem every day – only 5 to go. I must say I have been really pleased with a few of them; two have gone into the collection.

I’ve done some gardening and put loads of things on eBay; some have sold already, and been sent off – a start on the next phase of decluttering. And I saw American assassin, which was a bit formulaic but not bad.

There’s been some Poetry on Loan work, including sorting out the shortlist for our competition – not long now until we announce the winner – and a Ledbury Poetry Festival meeting.

I’ve done a lot of prep for something coming up soon – more on that later.

And on Saturday my car wouldn’t start. Sigh. It needed a new battery; apparently they can just fail like that, with no warning signs. The AA man found me a new one and it was all done and dusted in an afternoon, so it wasn’t too bad.

Sunday was the race (or rather, run). Monday was busy – a PoL training session in Worcester, which went really well, and a drive to Exeter in the evening for the launch of Broadsheet no. 5, which has one of my poems in it. It was a good event, well-attended, but it is a long way to Exeter.

Today I had a new crown fitted for the tooth that crumbled away a little while ago. And there is a huge stack of emails waiting for me, as well as all the other stuff I need to do – how am I ever going to get it all done? Any ideas?

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