Even busier

This week I have so much to do! I did a lot last week, but not enough.

I had a good session with my Cirencester group on Tuesday and answered a lot of emails. In the evening I saw Kingsman  – the second one. It wasn’t great.

Loads more emails on Wednesday, and I sorted out the winning entries in the Poetry on Loan competition. I can’t tell you how tickled I am that the winner of the adult section is a poem called Off, and the winner of the junior section is one called On. I went for a short run and saw a squirrel; as I’ve said before, any day when I see a squirrel is a good day. And I assembled all the course materials for the workshops I will be running on the cruise.

On Thursday after my yoga session I started looking at stuff for The Son’s wedding cake – it’s a plain cake and he’s asked me to add a bit of decoration. It has to be just right. No pressure, then.

And The Cat brought me a present – a baby slow-worm. At first I thought it was a bit of string, but it skittered away across the gravel. I managed to catch it, and take it down the garden to the compost bin where the other slow worms live. Any day when I see a slow worm, etc. More emails, and mowing, and planning for a session with a firm of solicitors, and for a gig this week, and lots of PoL work.

On Friday I had to get a voucher for the junior PoL prize winner, and spent ages on my weekly finances. And more prep for this week.

I’ve only been for two runs this week; I’d like to do more, but time doesn’t allow it. Shame! I ran on Saturday and it felt good. Then more emails. On Sunday I answered lots more emails, but I’m still not up-to-date with them.

This month I have been writing a poem every day, and now it’s finished I feel at a bit of a loss. Some of the poems are quite reasonable, I think, and a few have sneaked into my collection.

This morning I’ve been to a meeting at John Masefield school, where I will again be poet-in-residence this year. Hooray! I really enjoy this work, and the staff are extremely helpful and friendly.

And here I am back at my desk, with still so much to do…

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