I’ve been feeling a bit stressed this week – still a lot to do – although I know it’s nothing compared to the lives of many people. At least I’m up-to-date with the emails – I’ve stayed up-to-date nearly all week, which is a minor triumph.

Monday was mostly emails and prep; I was practising for a gig on Thursday – but it was cancelled, or rather postponed. We had intended to have the launch of the Poetry on Loan poetry postcards, with all eight postcard poets reading in Kenilworth library. They always get good audiences in Warwickshire, but for some reason this one just didn’t work; hardly any tickets were sold, so on Wednesday we made the decision to put it off until the end of November. A shame, but probably the right move. On Tuesday I had another brilliant session with my little group in Cirencester, who are so open to ideas they have never thought of before; it’s a joy to work with them. In the evening we had a TADS meeting.

I’ve been for a few runs this week. Even though the quarter marathon is done and dusted, I can’t seem to stop; I really enjoy running for half an hour or so, and I’m getting faster. Who knows – perhaps I’ll do a 15k or a half marathon next year.

On Wednesday I did a lot of prep for the Poetry on Loan meeting on Friday. This went well, as they always do – it’s energising to hear about all the things these wonderful library staff are doing to promote poetry. And we’re getting on with all the things we have to do, according to our Arts Council funding bid.

I saw Victoria and Abdul on Wednesday evening. What a delightful film! I can thoroughly recommend it.

Thursday was yoga and emails, and – hooray! – I cleared a whole load of brambles and nettles from the garden. Vicious brutes. They deserve to go.

I’ve written a couple of poems this week – one while I was waiting for a train on Friday, and one very early this morning. They’re not the greatest, but at least I’ve started again after the September splurge.

And on Saturday it was one of The Bloke’s birthday presents – a Shredder experience. A shredder is like a Segway, but on tracks, and much, much more difficult to ride. You have to go fast to get it to turn, and the field was very bumpy, and … well, I didn’t fall off, but I did drive it into several hedges. The Bloke, though, was a natural.

I think I’m ready for this week now – big talk with poems in Stoke tomorrow, workshop with a firm of solicitors in London on Wednesday – but I still have a bit of work to do for both. Once today is over, and I know I’m completely ready for everything, then I will come back together again.

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