Catching up

I think I’ve very nearly caught up now. I had caught up with the emails before the weekend, but now another wave has arrived. I’ve unpacked everything, including the rucksack that The Cat had decided was an ideal sleeping surface, and done all the washing and ironing, and brought my accounts up-to-date; I’ve mowed the big lawn and cut down half of the butterfly plant, and done some difficult prep for new sessions this week.

And I’ve had lunch with The Son’s future in-laws, who were very pleasant. This was the first time I’ve met them, and the wedding is in less than three weeks.

Most importantly, I’ve made some big decisions about next year; I think it will all be ok. But now I have to get down to some serious work – I have a big proposal to write, and an article for a professional journal, and there’s a mountain of mail and a tsunami of emails, and I haven’t finished typing up my poems. And somehow I have to fit in time for running. On your marks…

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