Good landing

Well, I’ve really landed from my cruise now, and got back into work, although I’m still behind with the emails. I spent a lot of Monday answering emails and doing some Poetry on Loan work. I finished pruning the butterfly plant (always a big job), typed up some poems, practised for a gig, started a bid for funding for my hospital work, and went to an Artlift Board meeting – this time as a representative of the Artlift artists, which meant I didn’t have to take the minutes.

On Tuesday I finished my funding bid, had a good session at the hospital, and an excellent session with my Cirencester group. In the evening I saw the new Blade Runner film. It could have been a good film, but was self-indulgent and much too long, in my view.

On Wednesday I did my end-of-month accounts, and had my first session of a new term with my group in Hereford. They wanted to learn about the basics of poetry this term, so we went through stress and metre and iambs and trochees – all stuff that I kind of knew, but I’d had to revise it a lot myself to make sure I could teach them. I thought that they might find it boring, but they worked hard and are keen for more. I did some write-ups, answered some emails, and wrote a couple of poems.

I’ve been running a bit this week. It’s been a bit cold, and I’m going to have to start wearing gloves, but half an hour running is definitely good for me. On Thursday I went to yoga as well, and did quite a bit of Poetry on Loan work. In the evening I was performing in Wolverhampton at a comedy poetry night. Fortunately I left plenty of time to get there – it took me 2¼ hours to drive 51 miles – and the gig went well. I even wrote a couple of poems when I got home.

On Friday I finally got round to dealing with the pile of snail mail, and did a bit of gardening. I had some good news – one of my poems will be included in a book to be brought out soon by Fair Acre Press. I did some more Poetry on Loan work, did all the prep for next week, and made two Christmas cakes – something I always enjoy doing.

And on Saturday I had a treat – it was a birthday present, in fact. The Bloke and I drove to Rossendale, in Lancashire, into an old mill town that looked like something out of a Hovis advert. And I flew a Vulcan bomber. Not really, of course, but I had a simulator flight that was really exciting, and I made a very good landing; at least, that’s what the instructor said, and as I was I was sure I would crash the thing, I was very pleased. It was a long way to go for half an hour of fun, but worth the effort. We saw lots of fireworks displays on the way back, too, and the moon was beautiful.

And on Sunday I didn’t do much at all, preparing for take-off into another busy week.

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