Busy doing nothing

It’s been one of those weeks in which I seem to have been really busy but don’t seem to have done much. Monday was mostly spent catching up with emails, and tidying and cleaning. I did a bit of gardening too, and started on a big article I have to write for a professional journal.

I did go for a run most days, but now it’s colder I find this much harder – it’s difficult to breathe when the air is cold. What a wimp. After my run on Tuesday, I did some prep for a TADS’ meeting and some PoL emailing, and checked my clothes for The Son’s wedding, which is this Saturday. I had a session with my Cirencester writing group, which went really well – they are a small group but they are very keen. In the evening I went to the TADS’ meeting, where it was decided that I would definitely direct my new one-act play, Psychopath, for the Worcestershire one-act play festival next March. I love directing, so I’m quite excited about this. I did the Cirencester writeup, and prepared for a workshop I’m running today.

On Wednesday I got up to find a scene like something out of CSI – two small pools of blood on the kitchen floor. What could this mean? I checked my cat but she was fine. I can only think that she had a tussle with Basil, the intruder cat who eats all her crunchies. I answered emails, and went to my Hereford writing group. Boy, did they work hard! We are doing the technicalities of writing poetry; it’s hard for me, too, because I’ve never taught this stuff before. They enjoyed it, though, and want more. In the evening I saw The death of Stain, which was an excellent movie – clever and funny; thoroughly recommended.

After yoga on Thursday I did some shopping and then had a really good session at the hospital, with a lovely woman. More emails, and then out to the launch of Sam Guglani’s book. Sam is a consultant oncologist, who has been very supportive of the work I do in hospitals. More Poetry on Loan work, and loads of emails – there have been a lot this week, even more than usual…

…so on Friday I spent a lot of time on them, and writeups and minutes. And some gardening, attacking the vicious rose in my garden. I did the hospital writeup and prepared for my groups this week.

I finally finished answering emails on Saturday morning, and typed up a couple of poems I’ve written at odd moments during the week. And for the rest of the weekend I did nothing much except some sewing.

Actually, I have got a bit done this week; not enough, though! This week I’m going to be busy doing lots of things.

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