My work here is done

Well, not my ordinary work, of course. I don’t think that will ever stop. But there was a really important occasion last week, as well as lots of little things…

On Monday I had final confirmation about two of my poems that will be displayed up on a wall somewhere in Cheltenham Hospital, which was rather nice. I went for a run (I’ve managed to run most days, helped by my new tracksuit), got up to Saturday’s emails, did some prep for various things, and drove to Andover to work with the Andover Writers. They are a lovely group, and I was especially pleased with one lady who felt uncomfortable writing poems but produced some good work.

Quick trip to the doctor on Tuesday, followed by a haircut, and a really rewarding session at Cheltenham Hospital. People value this work so much; so many people tell me how therapeutic it is, and that always makes me feel good. In the afternoon I had another excellent session with my small but perfectly-formed group in Cirencester, who throw themselves into everything. In the evening I saw Thor:Ragnarok, which was much as you would expect; not as good as the critics would have us believe.

A little aside: Films are long nowadays, and I nearly always have to leave at some point to go to the loo. I now have a great app on my phone called RunPee, which tells me when is the best time to go so I don’t miss much – and it gives a summary of what happens while I’m out. This is what mobile phones are for.

On Wednesday I worked with my Hereford group, on our studies of the technical side of poetry. It’s hard work, this, and they lap it up, and put a lot of effort into trying to write in specific forms. Lots of writeups, and I caught up to Tuesday’s emails. I’m always one step behind, it seems.

Off to Ledbury on Thursday morning for a Ledbury Poetry Festival meeting, and then to Cheltenham to collect all four layers of a cake. It was a plainly-iced cake from M&S, and my job was to assemble it into a four-tiered cake, with yellow ribbons around and a little bit of decoration – it was sprinkled all over with tiny gold (edible) stars. It looked so pretty! I planned a TADS workshop for this evening, and did some Poetry on Loan stuff, and started on the prep for this week, and answered yet more emails.

Friday was, as usual, weekly accounts day, followed by a chase-up email for an invoice I sent months ago which has still not been paid, despite repeated assurances from the people who should be paying me. I’m very lucky, because this doesn’t happen to me often; I know some poets who are plagued by unpaid invoices. I finished my prep for next week and did mostly household stuff, getting everything ready for Saturday, which was…

The Son’s wedding day!

I had to deliver the cake to the hotel where the reception was (and it was nerve-wracking getting it into and out of the car), then go to The Son’s house to do some last-minute sewing and ironing. His best man and best woman (yes) were there; his friends are so much fun.

The wedding was lovely; very relaxed and laid-back. The Son did the best groom’s speech ever (of course) and I performed a little verse I had written for him and his lovely wife Nicole; and we drank and danced and had a wonderful time. Best bit for me was The Son playing and singing a song he had written just for Nicole.

On Sunday I bought a few Christmas presents and slept a lot.

And now I feel a little bit sad. Both my children are married, and so my most important work here is indeed done, and now I am not necessary. I’ll get over it. There’s always more work to do.

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