Quite a week

This has been quite a week, what with one thing and another. I spent a lot of Monday catching up with emails and doing prep for various activities during the week. On Tuesday morning I met the lovely Jon Seagrave and Jasmine Gardosi, in Worcester, to plan Poetry on Loan’s next training session. I still haven’t written up the notes because it all got a bit hectic after that. I drove Jasmine to the very north of Worcestershire to a Poetry on Loan workshop she was running, and then straight to Cirencester for my last session with my group there; excellent, as usual. In the evening I saw Murder on the Orient Express; very good performances, terrific scenery, poor script.

Wednesday was more prep, and practice, and my Hereford group, who work so hard on such difficult things! In the evening I did writeups and got up to Tuesday’s emails.

Thursday was important. I had a meeting with the people who fund my work in the hospital; they agreed to a further three years’ funding, which is wonderful news. I went to my yoga session, which always does me good. I’ve run most days this week, too, but as it gets colder this is becoming more and more difficult. In the afternoon I set off for Rugby, picking up another poet on the way. This was for the Poetry on Loan poetry postcards launch event – all eight postcard poets in one evening. It all went really well, although I wasn’t happy with my performance, really; because I was organising it, I was a bit anxious about everything. The roads were blocked on the way back, and we had to take a circuitous route, so I didn’t get home until very late.

More prep and practice on Friday, and then a lot of time ordering Christmas presents – not because it was Black Friday; I just needed to do it to make sure everything arrives on time.

Saturday was another big day. I had my young writers group in Evesham in the morning, and drove straight from there to Shrewsbury, for the Shrewsbury Literature Festival inaugural slam. It was lovely to see some people there that I haven’t seen for years, and the slam went very well. I was in it for practice, really, because I’ve got the big Hammer & Tongue National Slam final in January, and I was really pleased to win this one – great boost to the confidence! I didn’t do much for the rest of the weekend, except work on a new slam poem, and now I’m all refreshed and ready for more this week. Which will, I expect, be quite a week again.

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