Like buses

Poetry performances are just like the proverbial buses – you wait for ages and then several come along all at once. I’ve nearly finished my run of performances and then there won’t be any until January.

But most of the week was a bit run of the mill. Monday was the usual prep and emails, plus some work on the new slam poem – I’ve been working on it all week, on and off. On Tuesday I wrote most of the plan for the next Poetry on Loan training session, and finished it on Wednesday. I’m still waiting for confirmation of the date, though. On Tuesday evening I went to Market Drayton – quite a long slog – for a poetry postcards performance. It was a lovely audience, and I tried out the new slam poem – very helpful, because it made me realise what was wrong with it. I think I’ve put that right now.

Wednesday was my Hereford group. Gosh, they put the effort in! It was a really good session. In the evening I saw Battle of the sexes, which was well done and entertaining, but nothing special.

I’ve managed to go out for a run most days, but not Thursday, which was packed – emails; yoga; blood tests; shopping; an excellent hospital session; writeups; end-of-month accounts. Recently at the hospital I worked with a man who said that he didn’t like poetry and couldn’t get the point of it, so I said, “Let me write a poem that will change your mind.” I wrote the poem for him, and apparently he went in to see the charity that supports the work to say how moved he was by the poem; he wanted to get in touch with me again. Yo. Another convert.

On Friday I was expecting a little adventure – a trip to London to see my favourite band, the Indelicates – but the gig was cancelled, so I had an unexpected day at home. I got loads done – prep for this week, emails, paying invoices, tidying, a plan for my new play, and of course more work on the new slam poem. And I wrote a new non-slam poem, too. I’ve nearly cast the play, but – and this is a first in the history of amateur drama – I’m struggling to find a woman the right age for one of the parts, although I’ve recruited the two men I need.

On Saturday I bought stuff that I’ll need for decorating the bathroom – my Christmas project. Otherwise it was quite a lazy weekend. And now I have to practise the slam poem, ready for a slam on Wednesday. Last bus for a while.

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