I got a few things sorted this week, and it’s such a good feeling.

Monday was the usual prep and emails – up-to-date at last! I went through all the Poetry on Loan finances – I was a bit worried that we might be running out of money – but it’s all ok. I wrote some Christmas cards, and made a list of all I need to do for the Big Bathroom Makeover, and went to the TADS meeting.

On Tuesday I had a terrific session at Cheltenham Hospital, working with a man whose wife died recently. I wrote three poems for him, and he’s going to read one at her funeral. I think he found the whole thing helpful; I can’t do much, but at least it’s something. I did the writing up, and some prep for a slam on Wednesday, and made some changes to my new slam poem. In the evening I saw Paddington 2, which was a nice bit of whimsy – again, though, not as good as the critics said.

Wednesday was prep and practice, and my last session with my Hereford group. They were great; I got them writing a rondeau redoublé as a group, which is quite a challenge; they rose to it magnificently. I went straight form there to Bristol – well, not exactly straight; I got lost several times on the way, but arrived in time. It was a goo evening. One of the featured poets was excellent, but the other one had a really dull delivery style – monotonous and boring. The slam was good, though, and I came second with my new poem, and had lots of good feedback afterwards.

I don’t know why it is, but every time I perform in Bristol in an evening, the M32 is always closed on my way home. This week was no different, and I didn’t get in until really late…

…and I had to get up really early on Thursday morning to drive to Stoke Heath prison. My session there made it worthwhile, though; all the guys in the group wrote poems and said how much they had enjoyed it. They want me to go back.

And I finished writing my Christmas cards, and found the last member of the cast for my new play. Hooray!

On Friday I had my car serviced, and it didn’t cost too much, which was nice. I went for a swim, did my weekly finances, wrote the TADS meeting minutes, wrote the report for my work with the Hereford group, and answered some emails. I spent 25 minutes on the phone trying to contact the Royal Mail; I had had an email saying that a parcel had been delivered, or that a note had been left to say where it was. No parcel. No note. Much later, I found that it had been left with my neighbours, but there  definitely wasn’t a note. At least I’ve got the parcel, though.

And on Saturday I found a lighting tech for my play, and got the entry in for the one-act play festival where it will be performed. Sorted!

I’ve been for a run most days, but on Saturday it was so cold that I felt ill when I got back. I think running will have to stop for a few weeks, and I’ll have to find something else to do to keep me active.

And – oh, snow! I love the snow, and we went for a walk on Sunday, just for the joy of it.

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